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Breach of Contract and Legal Action

Business Lawyer Washington, DCWhen two parties create a legally binding agreement, it’s called a contract, and with it comes certain legal obligations. If you were party to a contract, and the other party failed to fulfill its end of the agreement, this is called a breach of contract and is a situation subject to legal action. The effects of a breach of contract can be far-reaching, and adversely affect you and your business.

The Role of a Business Lawyer Washington, DCBusiness Lawyer Washington, DC Offers
After a breach of contract, it can help to consult a business lawyer in Washington, DC from our firm. You may be eligible to collect damages for the income that you lost as a result of the other party’s irresponsible behavior. At Brown Kiely LLP, we are committed to helping business owners recover what they’ve lost due to a breach of a contract. Let us help you, too. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and discuss your situation.

FAQs: Breach of Contract and Legal Action
If someone with whom you made a business deal has broken their end of the agreement, you may be frustrated and feel confused about what to do. The following questions are some of the most commonly fielded among the attorneys of Brown Kiely LLP.

What part of the law addresses contracts?
Typically, the law of the state wherein the contract was written is responsible for governing contracts. That said, you can apply the laws of a different jurisdiction depending on a choice of law provision. It will help to ask a business lawyer in Washington, DC from our firm about the specifics of your situation.

What should a business contract generally include?
Most business contracts will contain one or more of the following elements:

  • A business lawyer in Washington, DC’s fees as well as costs for recovering damages;
  • A provision defining interest charges;
  • A statement determining which state law controls the contract;
  • A statement outlining where any disputes are to be resolved;
  • A list of possible consequences when one party does not pay;
  • A section wherein the contract terms are explicitly defined;
  • A section stating that only what is written in the contract is valid, and that any verbal statements are not to be deemed part of the contract;
  • A statement defining what is considered to be the written contract, including all additions, warranties, and exceptions;
  • A statement that any changes to the contract have to be made in writing; and
  • A date when the business lawyer in Washington, DC expects to complete the work.

What legal action can I take if someone breaches a contract?
You and your attorney can plan to take the other party to court, as that is where most all contracts are enforced, in order to recover damages. You can also seek to receive specific performance, which is a different remedy the court may pursue in the case that monetary damages are insufficient to cover the breach. This would be the case if what you lost through the breach was particularly unique; for example, a custom good or service, or land.

An experienced breach of contract business lawyer in Washington, DC will likely also note that if your contract contained an arbitration clause, that would mean any dispute would have to be arbitrated by a neutral third party.

Contact Brown Kiely LLP and Recover What You’ve Lost
Any business agreement requires cooperation to be successful. If someone else has failed to fulfill their obligation and lost you money or anything else valuable as a result, don’t hesitate to speak with a business lawyer Washington, DC professionals turn to for reliable legal guidance. When you’re ready to consult with a Washington DC business lawyer and protect your rights, get in touch with us at Brown Kiely LLP.