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Appellate Advocacy Lawyers Maryland

Appellate Advocacy Lawyers Maryland

Appellate Advocacy Lawyers Maryland

Are you looking for someone to represent you in an appeal? We can help. Appellate work is a unique practice area that requires the ability to craft persuasive arguments grounded firmly in the law. Our appellate advocacy lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to distill complex legal research into compelling arguments.

We have prosecuted and defended appeals in the following Appellate Courts:

  • District of Columbia Court of Appeals
  • Maryland Court of Appeals
  • Maryland Court of Special Appeals
  • Virginia Supreme Court
  • Delaware Supreme Court
  • New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 4th Department
  • Florida 3rd District Court of Appeals
  • United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia

When you are looking for an appellate advocacy lawyer in Maryland, look no further than Brown Kiely LLP. Our appellate advocacy team combines years of experience in many industries, as well as substantive law. Guided by our knowledge and dedication, we have earned a reputation for excellence in appellate advocacy and other related legal matters. It is our goal to help clients win cases, and shape the development of laws in their interest and others.

When you choose Brown Kiely LLP for appellate advocacy, you can feel confident in knowing we bring extensive experience in many areas, including:

  • We have handled appellate advocacy for a diverse range of industries
  • We have worked with evolving areas of the law, such as intellectual property, labor, employment, environmental torts, white-collar defense, ERISA plans, and more
  • We are well versed in class actions, the administrative process, federal preemption, etc.
  • We have appeared in multiple circuit courts
  • We have the resources to handle discrete matters to high stake disputes and those that may set a precedent with the U.S. Supreme Court

As appellate advocacy lawyers Maryland has to offer, we are very good at pitching issues to judges, telling a story that is rife with complicated factors in simple language, and getting results for our clients.

Appellate Advocacy at Trial

Our firm is also ready to participate in appellate advocacy at the trial level. Here, we will ensure that key issues are presented, and also leave a lasting impact on those who are listening. Our appellate advocacy lawyers in Maryland bring forth a fresh perspective in the way we are able to observe and advise clients during trial. We also take pride in our ability to successfully carry out pre-trial preparations, dispositions, procedural motions, trial briefs, and so forth. We place an emphasis on collaboration with trial counsel, and offer an unbiased, straightforward analysis of the potential strategies, merits, and prospects.

Our firm for appellate advocacy in Maryland is ready and able to handle appeals at the state and federal level. While we craft our oral arguments and briefs, we may call upon our extensive understanding of the law to craft a sophisticated argument that has, for many clients, resulting in a favorable outcome. Some of our services include:

  • Legal counsel for state and federal appellate matters
  • Work with trial counsel on legal issues
  • Preserve issues for legal review
  • Resolve potential problems before they arise and lead to a conflict
  • Prepare a memorandum in support or opposition of the jurisdiction
  • Work with other lawyers in and out of the state
  • Pursue and defend state and federal appellate appeals

Our experience has the ability to allow our clients to navigate the appellate system in a way that is effective and cost-efficient. If you are looking for an appellate appeals lawyer in Maryland, and one who is confident in their ability to get results for cases ranging from those that are straightforward to very complicated, look no further than Brown Kiely LLP. Call our appellate appeals lawyers Maryland residents trust today for a consultation.

Appellate Advocacy

Are you considering whether the appeals process is the best way to move forward with your case? Appellate advocacy available at Brown Kiely LLP may be the right step for you. This area of practice can be complicated and confusing, especially for an outsider who does not have the necessary legal experience. You will want to have a skilled legal professional by your side who can provide you with the appellate advocacy that you deserve. We know that you are probably left with several questions, especially when considering whether filing an appeal is appropriate. If you are considering appellate advocacy, we have provided you with the answers you may be looking for:

What is an appeal?

Should you lose your case in a lower court, you may have the ability to file an appeal if you are unhappy with the decision. Generally, the case will be referred to the United States Court of Appeals for review. Appeals are typically an option when the law has been misinterpreted by the judge or an error was made during the procedural aspect of the trial or court process. Through appellate advocacy your lawyer will work to prove that there is grounds for your case to be under appeal.

When should I consider filing an appeal? 

If you received a court decision that was not in your favor, you might consider speaking with a lawyer about appellate advocacy and the appeals process. Working with our lawyers can provide you with the guidance you need when determining whether you have grounds for an appeal. Many issues may allow you to engage in the appeals process, for example:

  • Misinterpretation of the law
  • Juror misconduct
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Evidence was inadmissible
  • The confessions obtained were in violation of a person’s Miranda Rights

What is appellate advocacy?

Appellate advocacy involves lawyers who become involved after an unfavorable verdict has been handed down. Lawyers work with clients to form strong oral arguments and provide intensive reviews of prospective cases. Often this process involves taking the time to identify critical issues that may persuade the courts to accept your lawyer’s position in regards to making a correct legal determination.

Is it essential for my lawyer to argue my case in court? How might this help my case?

Yes, it’s important that your lawyer provide appellate advocacy by crafting a compelling argument in court. While there is a significant amount of research and analysis involved, there can be far more involved when it comes to a successful outcome. Having the ability to orally present your case plays an essential role. Without this opportunity, there is a higher likelihood of obtaining a result that is unfavorable to you. Lawyers providing appellate advocacy can take the time to present your case orally to the judge, which can provide it with a higher level of scrutiny by a judge. This is because they will carefully review both the documentation that is presented and the oral argument that is made through appellate advocacy.

When appellate advocacy is involved, Brown Kiely LLP should be one of your first calls. Our lawyers are fully prepared with the experience you need when enduring the appeals process. For more information about how you may be able to benefit from appellate advocacy, contact Brown Kiely LLP today.