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Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Lawyers Maryland

Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Lawyers Maryland

Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Lawyers Maryland

Keeping All Confidential Information Confidential

Today, it is easier than ever to misappropriate the strategies, efforts, initiatives, market research, product development, design strategy, and pricing schemes of an employer. Unscrupulous competitors are always looking for a way to obtain this knowledge, and may turn to disloyal or careless former or current employees. When someone sells such valuable information to a competitor, the damage can be irreparable. 

When drafted properly and with care, restrictive covenants in the employment context serve to protect legitimate interests of employers, such as safeguarding trade secrets, proprietary data, and other confidential information. Many courts have become increasingly skeptical about non-competes and other restrictive covenants in the employment context because of their impact on the ability of former employees to find a job. Our trade secrets restrictive covenants lawyers Maryland residents trust, know the ins and outs of non-compete agreements and other restrictive covenants, and how to either attack or defend them in court. We have litigated many such cases on behalf of both employees and employers, giving us a depth of knowledge that not only translates well to the litigation context, but also to counseling clients on how to draft or modify such agreements to protect the company’s interests and enhance enforceability.

The First Line of Defense For Your Company: Prevention

When it comes to your trade secrets restrictive covenants, preparation and prevention is key. Consider the following scenario. Let us say that a departing employee chooses to divert your customer relationships to a competing company. What would you do? Or, what if a competing company extends an offer of employment to one of your employees and fails to set guidelines for the transition from one company to the other. These are all real possibilities, that if mishandled, could result in a damaging reputation, a loss of a customer base, and financial strain. As leading trade secrets and restrictive covenants lawyers Maryland has to offer, we can provide you with practical legal and business advice that includes the implementation of hiring procedures and exit policies. 

Some of the services our Maryland based trade secrets restrictive covenants lawyers offer include:

  • Identify proprietary information
  • Identify what information should be protected
  • Audit existing employee and termination policies
  • Review any compliance agreements
  • Audit and develop strategies to safeguard information deemed to be confidential
  • Draft confidentiality agreement
  • Draft educational materials about confidentiality
  • Evaluate current, or draft new, agreements related to non-competition, non-recruitment, and non-disclosure
  • Counsel staff on the correct hiring procedures and termination process

If Necessary, We Will Litigate

While prevention is the key to confidentiality and avoiding litigation, sometimes despite the efforts made, litigation can be inevitable. For example, a previous employee might disclose proprietary information ignore restrictive covenants that were disclosed in a signed agreement. Likewise, it is possible for a previous employee to file a lawsuit over claims of misappropriation of a trade secret. Whatever the legal matter might be, our trade secrets restrictive covenants lawyers in Maryland may be able to help. Our cases have involved:

  • Restrictive covenant disputes
  • Trade secrets misappropriation
  • Trade secret litigation
  • Breach of restrictive covenant
  • Computer fraud
  • Unfair competition claims

Our firm has appeared before arbitration panels, in mediation proceedings, and in both state and federal court. We possess a high amount of knowledge and experience that enables us to get wide-reaching results. In our experience, we have provided legal assistance for issues, such as:

  • Irreparable harm analysis
  • Mitigation assessment
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Lost profits
  • Reasonable royalties

Our services include:

  • Expert testimony
  • Preparation of discovery requests
  • Computation and rebuttal of damages
  • Demonstrative exhibits
  • Settlement and negotiation

As trade secrets restrictive covenants lawyers Maryland residents turn to for help, we have served in house counsel, outside counsel, courts, mediators, government agencies, and others who are seeking either legal advocacy or neutral advisors. To learn more about our Maryland lawyers for trade secrets and restrictive covenants, call Brown Kiely LLP.