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Business Lawyer Bethesda MD

Business Lawyer Bethesda MD

The world of business can be competitive, which is why you should have a business lawyer Bethesda, MD residents trust on your side. At Brown Kiely LLP, we have a team of exceptional business lawyers who understand the complexities surrounding litigation, business torts, contractual breaches, and other business matters.

Why Retain A Business Lawyer Bethesda, MD Offers

In challenging business climates, some behavior from others can be unacceptable and lead to legal obstacles or matters that could hinder your overall business performance and objectives. To discourage such conduct, the federal and state governments have developed laws to enable businesses, who’ve suffered economic losses because of unfair practices, to seek damages from the responsible parties involved. Lawyers from Brown Kiely LLP understand the laws that govern such relief. We are prepared to aggressively fight for clients who experienced financial setbacks, as well as defend clients who are facing detrimental business tort allegations.

Understanding Business Torts

A business tort occurs when the illegitimate or wrongful conduct of an individual or other entity causes financial harm to another business. A business lawyer in Bethesda, MD may be able to pursue tort relief for a broad range of unjustified acts which include:

  1. Interference with contract
  2. Fraud and/or fraudulent conveyance
  3. Interference with computer software, hardware, or websites
  4. Disparagement (i.e. false statements about a product or service)
  5. Trademark and copyright infringement
  6. Breach of fiduciary duty (i.e. conflicts of interest, insider trading, fraudulent conduct, etc.)
  7. False advertising or copying another product or service

Corporate officers, directors, executives, high-level employees, brokers, agents, or owners may be involved in a business tort breach. Proving such allegations or claims generally requires a judicial setting, and may therefore require an experienced Bethesda, MD business lawyer.

Potential Remedies for Business Torts under Maryland Law

A lawyer may seek monetary damages for business tort breaches, which means the defendant, or their insurance company, may be responsible for such losses. These damages should be calculable within reasonable certainty, which can be challenging to translate into specific values. Your lawyer should be able to determine this through a diligent examination of the situation and potential losses.  A court may also issue an injunction against the alleged at-fault party, which orders them to cease their tortious conduct or activity.

How a Bethesda, MD Business Lawyer Can Help You With a Breach of Contract

When you work in a business, you may not think you need a business lawyer in Bethesda, MD until you must go to court with someone. However, it can be incredibly helpful to have a business lawyer Bethesda, MD recommends on your side when you are concerned that signed contracts may not go the way they are supposed to. The business lawyers at Brown Kiely, LLP understand that even when contracts are signed, people do not always live up to their side of the bargain. When this is the case, you can work with the attorneys at our firm to create a notice of breach so that you can resolve this problem before it escalates. This type of notice typically takes the form of a letter and would explain to the other party what kind of breach in contract there has been and what the appropriate action is for them to take (like compensation for any damages).

What is included in a notice of breach?

When you send a notice of breach regarding any type of contract dispute, you want to outline the necessary steps and make it very clear what the other party is supposed to do. Your business lawyer Bethesda, MD business owners depend on can explain in detail what is included in this letter, but you will typically see the items included below.

A Date. In this notice, it should be clear when you are sending a notice of the breach to the breaching party. This can be very important, especially if you end up taking this breach of contract to court.

Notice Clause. Talk with your attorney if the contract you are referring to has some type of clause that stipulates how each party should communicate notices. This clause may outline several ways or one way that you can give notice, like through overnight mail or fax. If you fail to follow the correct method, the other party could claim that you did not give them a notice of the breach at all. When this is the case, it could allow them more time to develop an argument or fix their problem.

Explain the Breach. In the notice, you will want to go into detail about the breach and which part of the contract you believe was breached. This likely happened in one of three ways. First, it is possible that the other party did not fulfill their duty (they may not have paid you for your goods or services). Second, the offending party told you that they will not perform their duties. Third, the other party is not giving you the necessary information or tools to perform your part of the contract. It is also possible that there is more than one breach in contract.

Offer a Solution. Once you describe how the other party did not live up to their end of the deal, offer a way to cure the problem, whether it is through a terminating the agreement, seeking damages, or adding a clause that gives the other party more time to fulfill their obligations.

Should there be any specific circumstances that apply to your own situation, a business lawyer in Bethesda, MD can explain to you what your options might be. It is certainly possible that other legal measures may need to be taken in addition to the breach of notice.

How Much Will a Business Lawyer Cost You?

If you’re a new business or a corporation with a lengthy background, you may need a business lawyer Bethesda, MD trusts to help you deal with the laws and regulations behind running a business. The laws are always changing and so it’s important for you to be up to date with the latest news. If you’re a new business, then you need the legal foundation for your business to grow from. Established businesses may also benefit from a business lawyer in Bethesda, MD when it comes to merger or acquisitions or tricky legal issues. No matter why you need a business lawyer Bethesda, MD has to offer, you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost you.

Types of Fees

What you may not know about lawyers is that there are different pay structures to follow. For instance, some lawyers may ask you to pay an hourly fee, while others will charge a flat fee for their work. Others may ask for equity payments. Before you hire a business lawyer Bethesda, MD respects, make sure to discuss payment options. It’s crucial that you know what type of fee your lawyer expects from you.

Hourly Fee

Hourly fees are the most common structure that lawyers use. The hourly rate depends heavily on the lawyers’ preferences. Hourly rates may range between 150 dollars to around 300 dollars per hour. However, this may be more or less depending on location. It’s better to check beforehand about the pricing. If you’re in a larger city, then odds are you’re going to have a higher hourly fee. In smaller towns, however, the fees tend to be lower.

Flat Fee

Some lawyers will provide work at a flat fee. The work that they tend to do for a flat fee includes LLC formation, drafting employment contracts, incorporation, and reviewing business contracts. Keep in mind that these flat fees may vary by location also. Always check with a lawyer in advance.

Equity Payments

Equity payments are becoming more common when it comes to new businesses and lawyers. Lawyers will accept equity instead of a monetary payment. Now, this is risky for the lawyer, of course. Due to a risk, many lawyers pass on this type of arrangement.

When it comes to business law, there are many reasons to have a business lawyer Bethesda, MD entrepreneurs know and turn to for advice. Realistically, the pricing varies by location but also by structure. If you’re curious about how much it will cost you to hire a business lawyer, then contact one today for more information.

Do I Need a Business Lawyer in Bethesda, MD Residents Can Count On?

If you are dealing with a possible business tort situation, it may be advisable to retain a lawyer for legal representation in any proceedings. A lawyer can assist in the documentation, investigation, and act as a voice on your behalf. He or she may be able to recover any losses caused by the business tort, or defend you in court if a claim has been filed against you.

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