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Services Offered By The Business Lawyer Bethesda MD Trusts

There are several different categories in which a business lawyer is valued, and choosing a business lawyer Bethesda MD trusts, from Brown Kiely, LLP, may help ensure satisfactory results. Whether it is for business torts, partnership disputes, contract issues, or restrictive covenants, a Bethesda business lawyer can provide excellent strategies, that can help your business move to success.

Business Torts

Among the subject of business torts, clients may find themselves in situations of fraud, wrongful interference, unfair competition, disparagement, or computer torts. Within each category, the attorneys at Brown Kiely, LLP have experienced successful claims for their clients.
Wrongful interference is when an individual purposefully interferes with the legitimate business interests of another, typically found within a breach of a contract.
Unfair competition refers to false advertisement or copying another business’s product very closely.
Disparagement is when your company’s reputation has been slandered by another through false statements regarding the authenticity of goods or products.

Computers are used in virtually every business and authorities are identifying damage to a computer as a business tort.

If you believe that your business has been imperiled to any of these misconducts, then a business lawyer in Bethesda MD may happily work with you to help protect your business.
Partnerships and Shareholders

Corporate lawyers may also assist in disagreements among partnerships and shareholders. Unfortunately, disputes do occur among corporations, especially when partners and shareholders are not in agreement on major decisions. Examples could include borrowing money, selling assets, or entering significant agreements. When these disputes occur having an individual business lawyer Bethesda MD trusts, can help ensure protection of your company. If you believe your business partner or shareholders have broken their fiduciary duties of trust and honesty, you should contact one of Bethesda Maryland’s qualified business lawyers from Brown Kiely, LLP to discuss possibilities.


Contracts is another category in which a business lawyer can be very valuable. A contract can simply be described as an agreement between two or more people, in which a legal duty or responsibility has been determined. However, problems can arise when parties among the contract have different interpretations of the agreement. Hiring a business lawyer Bethesda MD relies on, can help resolve or successfully litigate the contract dispute.

Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

Another category in which a business lawyer is desirable is in the case of trade secrets and restrictive covenants. The business lawyers in Bethesda MD work aggressively to defend their clients with the most up-to-date knowledge of the law. When a member, or former member of a company is found stealing valuable business assets or breaking restrictive covenants, the hard-working business lawyer Bethesda MD has to offer, may work diligently to help their client defend, preserve and recover their property.

Finding the Right Attorney

Attorneys must be proficient in legal research and the business lawyer Bethesda MD offers at Brown Kiely, LLP is no exception to understanding their client’s rights and responsibilities. Whether you are troubled with a business tort, partnership disputes, contract issues, or restrictive covenants, the business lawyer Bethesda MD yields have led to successful cases.