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Business Tort Lawyers Maryland

Business Tort Lawyers Maryland

business tortFraud, misrepresentation, tortious interference with contract rights – these are just a few of the legal issues that can impact your business.  Brown Kiely LLP has extensive experience in these types of commercial disputes. We will work with you to create the most efficient strategy to maximize your interests and keep your business moving forward. For a consultation with one of our business tort lawyers Maryland residents can count on, call  Brown Kiely LLP today. 

A healthy economy means that there is a fair and equal amount of competition. However, as integral as this might be, there are strict limits as to what the law allows any company to do in pursuit of the market. If at any time, a company or individual acts in a way that interferes with the business operations of another company, and that action is deemed to be deliberate, legal action can be sought. 

As a Maryland business tort lawyer might explain to you, a civil business tort allows companies and individuals to recover damages for the losses resulting from the deliberate misconduct of another party. Business tort laws are very complicated which means the attention of a qualified business lawyer will be needed. At  Brown Kiely LLP, we have years of experience in handling a wide array of business matters, including business tort claims. Whether through mediation and arbitration, or litigation, our firm remains diligent in pursuing the best possible outcome for each and every client. 

Common Types of Business Tort Cases

There are numerous acts that can lead to a business tort case. Many company owners are unsure about whether or not they have a valid reason to file a claim. Our business tort lawyers in Maryland will carefully review your situation to better understand what is going on. After, we will determine how we can help you to protect the future of your company. In some cases, litigation will be necessary. Some of the most common types of business tort cases we have handled in the past, include:

  • Fraudulent Misrepresentation – When a business or individual falsely represents themselves as a way to enter into an agreement with the plaintiff, it may lead to a business tort claim. 
  • Interference with Contractors – This applies when a third party interrupts a contractual relationship between the plaintiff and another party. 
  • Interference with a Potential Client – When a third party makes deliberate statements or actions that are meant to prevent the plaintiff from forming a contractual relationship with another party, it may be a business tort. 
  • Unfair Competition – Unfair competition is a broad term, but typically includes any unfair, fraudulent, or illegal business practice. It may also include misleading or deceptive advertising, as well as actions that deliberately undercut another company. 

As you might now understand, when it comes to a business tort, there are a broad range of actions that can fit into these categories. A lawyer can review the details of your situation so that you can make a sound approach as to how you should proceed. 

Aggressive Legal Representation By Experience Business Tort Lawyers in Maryland

Business tort law is complicated. If you believe you have been the victim of tortious interference with a business contract, theft of trade secret, fraud, misrepresentation, or any other action that has jeopardized your company, please consult a business tort lawyer as soon as possible. Many business torts arise on an emergency basis, with one side needing a preliminary injunction or restraining order. Rest assured, our business tort lawyers understand how to protect the interests of our clients in emergency matters, as well as those that require diligent attention. For a consultation with our business tort lawyers in Maryland, please call  Brown Kiely LLP.