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Contracts Lawyers Maryland


Contracts Lawyers Maryland

Contracts are a core component of operating a business. However, many business owners, as well as operators, fail to give much thought into the elements of a contract. Contracts have a key role in the heart of a business operation as they help to control the sale of goods and services, ensure everything is legally compliant, drive profit, limit liability, and manage employees. Each of these aspects is protected through contracts. 

What is a Contract?

A contract is a legal agreement that includes obligations that can be legally enforced. There are four basic elements included in a contract, which are mutual assent, consideration, capacity, and legality. In the event of at least one party being unable to adhere to some or all of the contract, it is considered to be a breach. In this case, general damages, reliance damages, consequential damages, and specific damages may be sought. 

Meet Brown Kiely LLP

If you are concerned about a possible breach of contract that results in litigation, the Maryland contracts lawyers at Brown Kiely LLP have the necessary experience and knowledge needed to guide you through the legal process. We are well versed in litigation regarding contracts of all sizes and complexities. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of contracts, and have helped professionals in nearly all industries. For a consultation with a business and contracts lawyer in Maryland, call Brown Kiely LLP. 

The contracts lawyers Maryland businesses know and prefer, such as those from Brown Kiely LLP, would be happy to help with your contract litigation. Whether you are a small, mid-size, or large business, we know that you demand and deserve superior quality, which our firm offers. Guided by laser-sharp focus, you can count on us to provide you with honest, up to date information that will help you enter into contract agreements while being fully aware of all your rights and duties. 

Our Services:

For years, we have helped businesses and individuals handle contract litigation matters. If a dispute matter has arisen, our contracts lawyers in Maryland can help you to reach a settlement through mediation, arbitration, or litigation. 

Breach of Contract

Our firm handles breach of contracts matters. A breach of contract occurs when there is a failure, without legal excuse, to perform a duty, obligation, or promise which is included in part or all of the contract. In other words, if one party fails to meet its obligation as written in the contract, it is a breach. The other party can file a claim for damages that resulted. 

Whether it is a multi-million dollar contract to construct a building or an agreement to provide services or a contract for insurance, what all contracts have in common is an agreement between two (or more) parties. That basic principle can be made complex when one or more parties have different interpretations of the contract. We have successfully litigated or otherwise resolved a wide range of contract disputes. We do so with total commitment to a results-oriented strategy.

If you’re looking for a contracts lawyer in Maryland to help you with a breach of contract, call Brown Kiely LLP today.