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Litigation Law Firm Washington, DC

Brown Kiely LLP is the kind of litigation law firm in Washington, DC that residents can count on for successful results, support, and guidance. Having represented thousands of clientele, each with their own litigation requirements, we know how to maneuver through intricacies and complex matters that are often involved in a claim. If you are seeking a resolution to a dispute, argument, or legal mishap, we are a law firm you can count on for fair and honest advice.

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing developers, corporations, small businesses, organizations, and individuals. Guided by a passionate drive and dedication to get results, we will give our client the time and attention their cases need.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves the legal pursuit to find a solution, or resolution, for a dispute or matter that does not involve criminal charges overseen by a prosecutor. Cases can be filed by an individual or law firm. However, it’s recommended to opt with the latter to ensure the process is smooth and hassle free. Once your claim has been established, and a case filed, a lawyer can prepare to find a solution through arbitration, mediation, or trial.

Typically, the core reason to file a litigation claim is to seek a remedy such as monetary damages or equitable relief. The latter requires a judge to order the defending party to refrain from participating in a certain action for a period. For example, a judge might order the party to stay away from the defending party, or else face punishment.

What Does a Litigation Lawyer Do, Specifically?

Litigation lawyers are the lawyers that help you file a legal claim or defend against a legal claim. They’re the ones in the courtrooms, who are prosecuting or defending their client. You probably most often associate litigation lawyer’s with television and movies because we see a lot of courtroom dramas. The job isn’t as glamorous as Hollywood likes to portray—nor are the cases they deal with as glamorous as seen on television.

A litigation lawyer is going to advise you, and guide you through filing a case—or defending against one. They’re going to help you determine if your situation warrants a litigation lawyer or another type of lawyer. They will not let you hire them if you do not actually need a litigation lawyer, it’d be a waste of your time and resources and of theirs.

These types of lawyers are going to help you identify potential claims, how these claims can help or hurt your case, and how you can prove or disprove each claim. They’re going to tell you about tricks and defenses the other side may use, so that you are prepared. They want to give you the best chance you can have to win your case, no matter what your case is.

Litigation lawyers bill their clients on contingency—which means that they collect their fee as part of a settlement that you may win if they win your case. It tends to make clients feel like their lawyer is really fighting for them (because it’s how they get paid). The other way is generally by hour, which means you pay them for their time up front, per the hour.

Any law firm will walk you through their payment process and ensure that you’re okay with paying up front or having money taken out of your settlement to pay your lawyer. Remember, when it comes to cost, most lawyers offer a free consultation to see if your case needs them and if they want your case—that way nobody loses anything but a few minutes of their time.

Your lawyer is going to be the one talking to witnesses, gathering contact intel for witnesses, and ensuring that the witnesses understand your case and what you are trying to accomplish if they’re planning on calling said witnesses to the stand. Your lawyer is also going to be the one who drafts and files the summons or complaints that initiates the lawsuits (if you are the plaintiff). If you’re a defendant, your lawyer is going to draft answers and counterclaims in response to the complaint filed by the plaintiff.

More often than not, your lawyer is going to try to get your case dismissed—by settling out of court. It’s how many cases end before going to trial, and usually this is less time-consuming on every party member’s behalf. However, it does mean you may have to take what’s offered. Your lawyer will talk with you to decide your options—sometimes trial is the better option.

How a Litigation Law Firm Can Help You

As a reputable and dependable law firm, Brown Kiely LLP has decades of combined experience. This includes litigation at courts of all levels as well as alternative resolutions or procedures for ongoing disputes. Some of our areas of knowledge include the following:

  • Appellate Advocacy: If you are planning on filing an appeal for a civil suit, having a lawyer your side may prove to be invaluable. The lawyers at our firm have extensive experience handling claims in various appellate courts throughout the Washington, DC metro area, as well as in New York, Delaware, and Florida.
  • Business and Construction Litigation: When two or more parties engage in professional agreements, partnerships, or transactions, it’s not uncommon for disputes to arise. As our team can attest, projects that involve several parties—such as construction projects, often have highly complex legal issues to address. Our firm has extensive experience with mechanics, warranty claims, and construction bonds. We also have experience with business torts, creating and disputing non-compete clauses, business formation, and shareholder agreements.
  • Personal Injury: When an individual is injured due to the negligence of another party, they may collect compensation for their losses through a civil suit. Compensation can often include payment for lost wages, coverage for medical bills (both past and future bills associated with the injury), and even compensation for intangible pain and suffering. Common types of personal injury claims involve injuries from motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, nursing home abuse and negligence, and defective products.
  • Wrongful Death: When an act of negligence or wrongdoing results in a fatal injury, the victim’s surviving family members may want to file a wrongful death claim. Compensation for a wrongful death claim can cover current losses, such as outstanding medical bills and funeral costs, as well as future losses, such as loss of the individual’s income and benefits. These types of civil suits are often very complex and therefore it’s recommended that families seek legal guidance.
  • Asbestos Injuries: Injuries related to asbestos exposure require extensive legal consideration, and for this reason, it’s wise to consider hiring a lawyer for counsel. Illnesses and injuries related to asbestos rarely present symptoms immediately after exposure. Instead, illnesses such as lung cancer and asbestosis begin displaying symptoms in the late stages when it is difficult for medical professionals to provide adequate care. Even though asbestos is prohibited in the U.S. in nearly every product, there are still countless consumer products that were manufactured and distributed before restrictive legislation was enacted.
  • Estate Litigation: Estate litigation is something that many families address prior to or following the loss of a loved one. Individuals often turn to a litigation lawyer for assistance in creating wills or trusts, or for counsel during a probate court process. An estate litigation may also help families understand their inheritance rights and legal tax requirements.

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Understanding Estate Litigation

Attending court to settle an issue related to the estate of a deceased loved one is stressful for so many family members. Litigation can diminish the value of an estate and can also delay the disbursement of assets. Perhaps even worst of it all, is that Estates caught up in litigation due to ambiguity about the deceased intent can quickly tear a family apart, leaving scars that are lifelong. There are steps you can take to help avoid your estate plan for being fought over in court, saving your loved ones strife and stress during their time of grief. 

Keep in mind that if you are anticipating asset litigation or are currently deep in one already, please contact us now for assistance. Here are ways that can help clarify your intentions while reducing the chances of your estate going through the costly and unnecessary process of litigation:

Communicate with Beneficiaries/Heirs 

While this may sound Easy, A lot of people who are riding their estate plan forget about this step. And it sounds simple, but you can help reduce conflict in the future if you communicate to your beneficiaries what your intentions are and what kind of distribution they can anticipate in the future. 

If your assets are not going to be distributed in an even way, you risk a relative feeling left out. It’s best to discuss any issues with them now or at least leave a letter that provides an explanation. In many cases, estate litigation happens when an expected beneficiary is not included or feels slighted and pursues remedy in court. An explanation may successfully keep their claim out of the courtroom.

Properly Draft Your Documents

Confirm that your estate plan documents are properly drafted and prepared. Your lawyer can review these documents so that errors or oversights can be corrected. Avoid using trust and will generators online, as this cookie-cutter approach often results in people having critical documents that are too vague or ambiguous. With a properly drafted estate plan that is customized to your preferences and circumstances, it assures that your wishes will be carried out as you please.

Review Estate Plan Periodically

Review and edit your estate planning documents every so often. Most people should look over their estate plan every five years, unless something changes in that person’s life sooner. An estate can be dragged into litigation if beneficiaries were not removed or added because of life circumstances. Examples of life events that may warrant reviewing your estate plan are listed below:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • New child being born or adopted
  • Influx of income
  • Loss of substantial income
  • New property of significant value
  • Loss of relationship
  • State laws change
  • Disinherited child or spouse

Brown Kiely LLP is a trusted Washington, DC litigation law firm that can provide support in other areas of litigation experience, including:

Business Fraud

Also known as corporate fraud, business fraud schemes are attempts to deceive individuals and companies while masquerading as legitimate business opportunities. It’s always a good idea to have a qualified attorney on hand before signing any major paperwork: having legal guidance is a sure way to avoid falling victim to any fraudulent schemes or practices.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Disputes

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was passed in 1970 as a means to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the information reported by credit agencies. If your credit report has shown errors that can negatively affect your prospects for loans, major purchases, and job opportunities. It’s important to resolve these discrepancies right away, and a qualified attorney can help.

Property Damage

Property damage can affect anyone, but it’s important to know ahead of time whether you have a solid property damage case on your hands before pursuing legal action. If you need to prove another party’s negligence resulted in property damage (and that you deserve compensation), contacting Brown Kiely LLP for a free consultation is your first step.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Theft can happen to any kind of property, including property that doesn’t exist physically. Intellectual property includes patents, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of publicity—all of which can be violated by thieves and, all of which require legal protection. Don’t lose your rights to your intellectual property—reach out to a qualified team like Brown Kiely LLP.

Professional Liability

Some professionals are more at-risk of lawsuits than others. Some clients may file a lawsuit alleging professional negligence resulted in performance or results that were not expected, and sometimes a business or professional fails to provide adequate service to customers or clients. A professional liability lawyer can assist with these claims.

Public Bond Resolutions

A bond issue is a complicated dance between several actors, ranging from those who are issuing the bond, those who are receiving the bond, and the entire cast of legal and financial counsel to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. Hiring a lawyer that specializes in public bond resolutions is essential to ensuring your bond issue is as painless as possible.

Product Liability

If you or a loved one has used a product and suffered an injury or allergic reaction, you could be entitled to compensation for the damages. Consumers have certain protections under the law, and if a manufacturer fails to warn them adequately about potential health risks or hazards, the victims of defective or dangerous products may be owed money for their injuries.

Workers’ Compensation

If an employee is injured on the job, they might face an uphill battle–not just with their injury but also with insurance companies that are hesitant to provide an adequate payout, and lost wages from time spent in hospitals and medical appointments. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help secure the right compensation in a timely manner.

Consumer Law Claims

Understanding consumer protection laws is a difficult undertaking. However, it’s important to know how these laws can affect your business, and if you’re a consumer who feels you have been wronged by a company, it’s equally important to understand how to use these laws to get the compensation you deserve.

Litigation is highly complex. If you are unsure about having a claim, you can talk with a litigation lawyer for honest, fair advice. We will be happy to discuss your possible legal options, either in person or over the phone, at your earliest convenience.

Business Litigation Process

Hire an Attorney

Facing business litigation, whether it is for fraud, breach of contract, employment disputes, etc., requires a reputable litigation law firm in Washington, DC. The attorneys at Brown Kiely Law LLP will tell you that securing a law firm or attorney as you begin your business is important, but if you have not retained representation prior to facing a business litigation issue, it is vital that you find a reputable firm.

Your firm or attorney will tell you if you have a case, how likely you are to win your case and what methods you can use to settle or fight the case. These professionals can also review your case and guide you on the next steps.

Pursuing Discovery

Discovery is the research process your attorney goes through to find the facts of the case. These individuals may involve expert witnesses to analyze the case data. They may also hold depositions and request documents from all parties involved in the case.

If you or your opponent does not want to pursue litigation, the discovery period is a great time to pursue negotiation. You may also choose to pursue mediation or arbitration at this point.

Mediation or Arbitration

During mediation, your litigation law firm in Washington, DC will represent you in front of a neutral third party. This third-party mediator will mediate negotiations with the goal of resolving the issue. All the parties in the dispute need to agree to the mediation process. This process is voluntary and informal, so an agreement may not be reached. Therefore, mediation does not suspend or negate the discovery process.

The attorneys at Brown Kiely Law LLP can explain arbitration to you. This process can be mandatory based on contract terms, but this form of arbitration is not binding. This means that a neutral third party hears all the arguments from both sides of a case and makes a decision. The process is somewhat like a miniature trial, where testimonies may be given, subpoenas may be ordered and a written decision is given. However, if any party to the lawsuit does not agree with the final decision, a trial can be requested.

Both parties can also participate in voluntary binding arbitration, where the court or parties agree on one or more arbitrators. The process is the same as nonbinding arbitration except that the arbitrators’ decisions are final and binding.


You can also choose to go to trial as a first option or when you or your opposition disagrees with the arbitrator’s decision in nonbinding arbitration. The judge or jury makes the final decision on the case based on the evidence and testimonies presented by both parties. However, if the trial doesn’t go your way, your litigation law firm in Washington, DC may suggest you pursue an appeal.

More About Appellate Advocacy

Appellate lawyers are thought to be just brief writers, oral advocates, those people that only get involved once you have absolutely lost a case or won it at the trial level. It may even be common belief that they are more likely to be hired and brought in after the case has been lost.

Most appellate lawyers operate differently than general litigators, as they don’t work in primarily developing a persuasive case, they focus on the legal issues involved in the case and how they can convince the court to side with them on a matter of the law itself.  This means they have to have a good understanding of the law, and be able to research because they must think outside the box.

Their ideal outcome is that their legal arguments play out in their favor. That the law is logically presented and the judge chooses to side with the law over the case itself.

This is a style of litigation that, when combined with the litigation of trial lawyers and how trial lawyers tell fact-based stories, creates a more compelling presentation. It may be counter-intuitive, at a first glance, if you involve an appellate lawyer upon the case conception, but it means that this lawyer is prepared for trial and part of your legal team from the start—there would be no playing catch up.

Appellate lawyers are likely to improve the presentation and resolution of your case, at the trial level when it’s at court. They can also make positive contributions to appeals on matters they’re not handling either. They are able to present things objectively, understanding the appellate process and they’re familiar with most of the court and the judges they would go before.

Appellate lawyers are known to be collaborative, as they often work as part of larger legal teams. They are known to be respectful, to judges and legal counsel alike. They also need to respect the views of the rest of the team, judges, law clerks and jurors, because everyone on the team and in the courtroom thinks differently.

An appellate lawyer is going to play a supportive role in litigation, and they’re going to understand the importance of solving problems instead of trying to figure out why these problems came to exist. If a mistake is made, they’re not going to judge, they’re just going to offer answers. This is in part due to their ability to remain objective about those on their team and the case as it unfolds.

Training leaves appellate lawyers analytical, so they may excel at legal research and analysis, this same training helps them to be persuasive so that they can be talented advocates. This is especially important as they often give oral presentations, and they spin stories into their presentations much like a regular litigation lawyer.

What to Look For in a Litigation Law Firm

While the majority of people don’t wind up being accused of criminal offenses, civil litigation is something that can touch almost everyone at some point. Alternatively, they may be seeking to avoid litigation or have complaints and disputes over injury accidents, property loss, contracts, intellectual property, or estates and wills. In any of these situations, a litigation law firm in Washington, DC can provide guidance and representation. In most cases, a plaintiff will not even need to appear in court, as many lawsuits are resolved before they go to trial.

Do I Hire a Sole Practitioner or a Firm?

Every lawyer has basic training in torts, or personal injury law. However, such cases can get very complicated, especially if a large company is involved. For that reason, it is better to go with a full-service law firm, as it will have the resources to deal with the hundreds of details and issues that go into such cases.

Furthermore, a full-service litigation law firm in Washington, DC can take cases on a contingency basis. If it is determined that the case is strong enough, the plaintiff will not have to pay a retainer or pay anything upfront.  Instead, the firm will take its fee as a percentage of any recovery. The industry standard is approximately one-third.

What if My Case Isn’t About Personal Injury?

Personal injury cases do not have to be about physical injuries. While many tort attorneys specialize in personal injury cases, tort law also covers a wide range of non-physical injuries and losses. Sometimes, these are connected to an injury accident; in this situation, they are referred to as non-economic losses.  Non-economic losses can include pain and suffering, emotional or psychological distress, or loss of a relationship (loss of consortium). 

A loss may also be defined as damage to one’s reputation because of libel or slander. Other losses may involve the theft of intellectual property or copyright violations.

What Is the First Step?

If you believe you have cause to file a lawsuit, your initial step should be to contact a litigation law firm in Washington, DC. You will be referred to the appropriate attorney who has experience in your specific issue. He or she will discuss your case, advise you on what you should and should not do, and file all necessary paperwork with the court. As your case moves forward, you can expect your attorney to fight for the maximum recovery possible.

Choosing a Litigation Law Firm to Represent You

The final outcome of your claim might depend upon various factors, including the total cumulative losses and applicable evidence. By having a lawyer on your side, you can feel confident in knowing your claim is in good hands. A good lawyer, such as one from Brown Kiely LLP, may represent you through every step of the process. You will provide honest answers to support the options that you may have available to you as well as any questions. With our guidance, you should be able to settle your claim in a timely manner and with the results you seek.

Brown Kiely LLP: A Litigation Law Firm Washington, DC Trusts

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer the utmost servitude to every client. By working with us, you will feel confident in knowing you will get comprehensive support when you need it most. Regardless of what you may have been told about a legal matter, litigation can be of all shapes and sizes which is why you should hear the advice of a professional lawyer. To schedule a consultation, please call us now by dialing: 410-625-9330.

Legal intervention s critical if you are looking to file a legal claim or even defend against one. Sadly, unlike the TC or even movies they are seen in, a litigation lawyer doesn’t have the glamorous lifestyle and they don’t act like that. A professional litigation lawyer is going to be honest with you and does their best to make sure you get the compensation you deserve out of your case. 

Contacting one of the trusted lawyers at Brown Kiely LLP can help you get on track with getting what you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you or your loved one get what they deserve. 

How Do You Find the Right Litigation Lawyer/Firm? 

Finding the right lawyer for you can be complicated. Many people don’t know how to start looking for a lawyer that will be able to help them out. Finding the right lawyer for you takes time and that is why you shouldn’t put off finding a litigation lawyer till the last minute. Here are three of the things that you should look for in a firm and lawyer: 


Just like with any professional you want someone that has experience. You don’t want to just hire the first person that claims they are a litigation lawyer. When it comes to these types of cases you need someone who understands how they work and want to expect in the long run. When you go into a consultation with a lawyer you should ask how long they have been doing these kinds of cases. Also, ask them if they have experience dealing with issues similar to your case. 

The best rule of thumb is to ask as many questions as possible. Ask about how they handle themselves in court and what you can expect from them. If they are giving vague answers or aren’t being clear then you should move on. A good lawyer is going to be honest with you about what they can and cannot do. 


Communication is going to be key when it comes to finding the right lawyer for you. Are they responsive with questions or are they just talking about themselves? A good lawyer is going to want to know about your case and about what you want. If you have someone who isn’t answering questions then move on. Also, look for how long it takes them to respond to questions. Are you left waiting for days for an answer or do they get back to you within a reasonable time? 


Litigation cases need someone who is organized and on top of everything. These things can get complicated and you need someone who isn’t searching for answers in piles of paperwork. You also need someone who can get your paperwork in on time so your case isn’t thrown out. Take a look at their office and see if it looks put together and clean. What about the firm itself? Look around and observe how incoming calls are handled and if anyone seems flustered or seems to be running all over the place. An organized lawyer is far better than someone who isn’t. 

We know how important your case is and that is why you aren’t just another case that walks through our doors. If you want someone who cares for you then don’t hesitate to reach out to us today with your questions. When it comes to finding a trusted law firm for Washington, DC litigation, look no further than Brown Kiely LLP, so call now for strategic counsel. 

What Happens if a Contract Is Breached? 

If someone does not follow through with the terms of a contract, they may be in trouble with the law. It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side so that you know what you may be entitled to in damages. Your lawyer can speak to other parties on your behalf so that you do not jeopardize your case and so that you can have the best possible chance at getting some kind of compensation for the damages incurred. Contracts are in place for a reason and it is important for people to take them seriously. After all, they are legally binding documents. 

What Happens if You Made a Legal Mistake?

Sometimes, you may need a litigation lawyer to defend you in a case. People make mistakes and you are surely not an exception to the rule. You need to hire a lawyer immediately if you realize that you made a legal mistake. Your lawyer will do his or her best to protect your rights and to make your situation better. 

How Can You Pay for a Litigation Lawyer? 

Most litigation lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they only take payment if they win your case. This means that it is completely risk-free to hire someone to help you with your case. Not only will you have a much greater chance at winning, but your lawyer will know what kind of damages to file for to get maximum compensation, which means even after the payment you may be getting more than you initially would. 

When you are facing serious legal issues, it is imperative to know there is a litigation law firm in Washington, DC that has your back. When you retain a litigation attorney from Brown Kiely, LLP, you can be assured that you are being represented by an attorney who has the experience and legal knowledge needed to successfully resolve these matters.

Each attorney at our firm has extensive litigation experience, as well as the skill needed for successful negotiations. Our firm provides legal assistance for victims who are seeking to recover damages for personal injuries, estate issues, business matters, and construction and building litigation.

Personal Injury

Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in successfully litigating all kinds of personal injury cases and obtaining the financial compensation our clients deserve. We understand that a serious accident can leave you with medical bills, loss of income, and physical issues that can have long-term or even permanent impact on your life. We will do all we can to negotiate a fair and just settlement for you, however, if the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith, the attorneys at our Washington, DC litigation law firm will not hesitate to bring your case to trial for a jury to decide. Some of the personal injury cases we can help you with include:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Asbestos
  • Dangerous and defective products
  • Premises liability
  • Wrongful death

Estate Issues

Our firm also understands the importance of having a solid estate plan in place in order to ensure the security of your family’s future when you are no longer here to care for them. We work with clients to formulate the best estate plan for their particular circumstances to make sure tax implications are at a minimum and the client’s wishes for how their estate will be distributed will be protected. Some of the ways we can help include the following:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Probate
  • Estate tax
  • Estate litigation
  • Guardianship
  • Powers of attorney

Business Matters

Whether you have a small mom-and-pop business or you run a huge corporation, having a lawyer who focuses on business matters looking out for your best interest will help ensure the success of that business. Some of the issues we can help you resolve include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Trade secrets
  • Fraud
  • Employee issues

Contact Our Firm Today

If you have a legal issue that you need help with, do not hesitate to reach out and call Brown Kiely LLP to find out how we can help. Our Maryland litigation law firm has built a solid reputation for aggressively advocating for our clients no matter who the other law firm sitting at the other side of the table is. Call our office today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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