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Business Lawyer Washington, DC

Business Lawyer Washington, DC

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What Is a Strategic Acquisition?

A succession plan for your business is not just a plan that states what happens when you retire or decide to leave your business. It can be used for all levels of employees as a contingency plan when employees retire, resign, get sick, fired, or pass away. It is a means to identify and develop employees that you feel may become future leaders of your company, not just at the executive level but at all levels. 

Having a succession plan in place helps businesses prepare for any circumstances by knowing in advance which workers are qualified and trained to move up in the company.

This is an important part of a business’ plan and is needed to keep continuity when personnel leaves unexpectedly or otherwise. These plans avert potential organizational chaos and keep the company running without any negative impact. Identifying future leaders is good for employee morale and can increase employee retention.

Having a succession plan is smart for any size business, whether it is a large corporation or a small, family-owned operation. To have one, you should talk with a business lawyer Washington, DC has to offer from the office of Brown Kiely, LLP

A Washington, DC Business Lawyer’s Strategies for Developing a Successful Succession Plan

Plan Ahead and Be Proactive

Identify prospective employees or candidates you feel would do well in a leadership role. Assign that employee an executive mentor to help train and develop for a possible role in management. This provides you with a safety net in the event someone in management leaves unexpectedly.

Cultivate the Talents of All Your Employees

Do not just look at the next in line as far as titles are concerned. As a business lawyer Washington, DC has to offer might explain to you, examine all your employees’ talents and skills regardless of their current positions. 

Keep records of employee’s achievements and successes. These notes will be helpful when a position in management becomes available. Note the work ethics and attitudes of these employees and use these notes in performance reviews. 

Once you have identified your future leaders, have them work closely with their mentors to learn new skills and develop their existing skills. They can do this by meeting one-on-one with their mentor on a regular basis or by job shadowing and training. If you don’t know how to do this, you can speak with a business lawyer Washington, DC respects. 

Share Your Vision of Succession

Hold strategy meetings with potential managers to help enhance and develop leadership and planning skills. Share with them the vision you have for the future of your business. If you have a large company, you may wish to share your succession plan with your board of directors or your director of human resources.

Give Your Successor a Chance to Lead

Take a vacation and let the employee you’ve been grooming assume your role while you are away. This will be a good indication of how ready they are — or not prepared — to take on a bigger role in your company.

A business lawyer Washington, DC trusts can advise you on some strategies for making a smooth succession from your business from a legal standpoint. There are several documents that need to be in place and steps to take if you, as the owner of the company, decide to step down from running the company but want to be sure to leave its future in capable hands. To learn more, please call a business lawyer Washington, DC prefers. 

If business succession is something that you are unsure about, or you have partners, you may want to consider a strategic acquisition.

What Is a Strategic Acquisition?

A seasoned business lawyer Washington, DC companies trust has a lot of experience in strategic acquisitions. A strategic acquisition is the purchase of company A by company B using stock or cash so that company B can gain a strategic advantage over competing companies. Company B can eliminate a competitor by buying them out, expanding production, or by acquiring the materials for a competitor’s product. There are also various reasons an acquisition can be extremely valuable.

A business lawyer Washington, DC residents recommend realizes that sometimes buying another company isn’t the right move. A few ways to grow your business can be by adding employees, opening another branch of your business, or increasing your marketing and advertisements. If this isn’t sufficient, you may consider a strategic acquisition.

After entering a strategic acquisition, two companies can produce things at a much cheaper cost by achieving economies of scale. This means they lower the average cost of production by increasing the amount of production.

Other Reasons to Enter into a Business Acquisition

  1. Expanding Your Business
  • Typically it is cheaper to buy a company elsewhere and use it to create more business for your company instead of starting a brand new company in the area.
  • This is also helpful when you are looking to increase output or move production to somewhere like a warehouse.
  • If your company does acquire a warehouse from the former company, then you don’t need to worry about approvals from the city or obtaining city permits because the former company already has them.
  1. Inheriting Clientele

Clientele and connections of company A is researched thoroughly before a strategic acquisition by Company B. and their clients become the buying business’ clients. Sometimes companies keep the former CEO on as an advisor to keep those clientele relationships, especially with foreign industries and governments. The former CEO can maintain these relationships and add new ones as well.

  1. Gaining New Products

A business lawyer in Washington, DC knows that when company B buys company A, they may also gain new products to help them conduct business. For example, if company B needs a particular software program to help them with time card management and company A has already patented and developed it, then that is an extreme benefit of their strategic acquisition.

 4 Reasons You Need a Business Lawyer

If you have a business, there may be a time when you need a business lawyer. Even if your business is small, it is essential to know when you might need a lawyer. They can guarantee that you are following regulations or help you with any issues that may arise. If you are considering a business lawyer in Washington, DC, you also need to know the different situations where you may need a lawyer. Here are four reasons you may need an attorney for your business. 

1. To Help You Make Decisions

If you are not well versed in legal terms, then a lawyer from Brown Kiely Law, LLP can help. Legal terms can be confusing, so an attorney can help you understand the best course of action to take and assist you in making informed decisions. Whether it be when you are signing a contract, entering into a business partnership, or starting a new business, a business lawyer in Washington, DC, may be able to answer any questions you have and help you navigate any contracts. 

2. To Help You Buy a Business

Buying a business is a serious matter, which is why consulting with someone from Brown Kiely Law, LLP is an excellent first step. Buying a company is a complicated process, so having an experienced attorney is essential. Missteps when purchasing a business can result in liabilities, fees, or even legal action. It is best not to buy on your own without any legal consultation. 

3. To Help You Understand Intellectual Property

When you start a product-based business, it is necessary to understand the legal topics surrounding the idea of your product. You want to ensure that the design you use or intend to use is legal and does not belong to someone else. Even if you utilize someone else’s design by accident, you can still run into legal trouble. A business lawyer in Washington, DC from Brown Kiely Law, LLP can help you avoid any legal issues connected to intellectual property. They can also assist you with understanding how you can protect your intellectual property and ensure no one else uses your design without your permission.

4. To Help Protect Your Assets

If you run into legal trouble, one of the first things affected will be your assets. An attorney can help you determine how to set your business structure, such as a sole proprietorship, LLC, or other corporation. A lawyer can explain any legal nuances that could cause trouble if you do not separate your business and personal finances. Also, you are not only protecting your assets, but your family’s as well. Having an attorney present to help file articles of incorporation or organization can give you peace of mind and ensure everything is legally sound. 

If you run a company or are interested in starting one, a business lawyer in Washington, DC, can help. Consider consulting an attorney if you have any questions or want to ensure your business structure is correct and there aren’t any legal errors. 

How can a business lawyer in Washington, DC help with business mediation?

Mediation is a useful tool for resolving conflicts between two or more people. Despite its simple nature, many people do not have a good understanding of what mediation is or how it works. To complicate matters, there is also business mediation, which is slightly different. Learn all the ins and outs of mediation with the help of a business lawyer Washington, DC relies on.

What Mediation Is

Mediation is often called arbitration, but it is the same thing. You can think of mediation as a lighter version of a lawsuit, except there are usually not a defendant and plaintiff. If two people disagree about something, they can go to mediation and have an unbiased third party make a decision. Both sides have a chance to make their argument and the third party, who is called the arbitrator, decides who is right.

When you go to mediation, you will have to pay the arbitrator for his or her services. The fee is usually on an hourly basis. You can decide in advance whether or not you will hold the decision of the arbitrator to be legally binding. Many people go to mediation to get an outside perspective, and then use it to make their decision themselves.

How Business Mediation Is Different

Some businesses employ an arbitrator. If there is a disagreement among employees, they will sometimes have to go to the staff arbitrator to come to a resolution. This is what is called business mediation or corporate mediation. This is usually only employed in very large corporations. For smaller businesses, you should simply go to traditional arbitration.


Why Use Mediation?

  • Mediation is much less expensive than a full lawsuit. 
  • Mediation is very fast. The longest mediation sessions will last a few days. Much more often, the conflict is resolved in only a few hours. Even the simplest lawsuits almost always take months to resolve and can even last years in some cases.
  • Mediation is a way to gain access to someone who professionally offers impartial, fair judgments.
  • Mediation exists in different forms, which allows you to fine tune it to your needs. There is legally binding mediation, more casual mediation, and mediation specific for business conflicts.

Mediation is an excellent tool that you can use to resolve the conflicts you face in your daily life. Whether it is a disagreement among friends or a serious contract conflict among business partners, medication can help you restore the peace. A business lawyer in Washington, DC can discuss how mediation can help you in your business endeavors. 

Your Greatest Asset Is a Business Lawyer Washington, DC Clients Depend On

Having a solid financial advisor and business lawyer in Washington, DC to help guide you is essential for securing the best interests of you business. They will be able to recommend companies for you to purchase before making any decisions and your financial advisor can assure that you have the capital and that the acquisition is worth the investment. Your Washington DC business lawyer can also ensure your rights are protected as a buyer and can handle unexpected issues that may arise during the process. Business acquisition laws can be complicated which makes a skilled business lawyer in Washington, DC from Brown Kiely, LLP invaluable!