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Breach of Contract

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Business Lawyer Washington, DCIn every contract, there should be provisions dealing with what happens if there is a breach or violation of contract. There are different aspects of the “what ifs” that may apply; if there is a dispute, there needs to be a mechanism that is agreed to ahead of time as to how that dispute will be resolved. There are three primary ways in which parties can resolve disputes.

1. They can litigate, which means go to court. This can be very time-consuming and expensive. It is also available to the public to view and sit in on. Although it is a difficult process, parties often agree that they are going to litigate. The reality of losses is that they are expensive. Think of a lawsuit as a legal toll road; every time something happens in a lawsuit, there is money that has to be spent along the way. Three expensive processes that are most common in a breach of contract case involved with litigation are:

  • Request for discovery, where there are production requests.
  • Interrogatories, written questions that are formally sent to the guilty party that, by law, must be answered.
  • Requests for admission, which is when the plaintiff requests that the defendant admits or the truth of a statement under legal oath. If the request is granted and the defendant admits something, the statement will be considered as the truth for the duration of the claim or trial.

2. Mediation or meeting with a neutral third party. The neutral third party’s goal is to help the parties come to some sort of resolution to agree as to how they are going to deal with the dispute. This process is purely consensual. This can be satisfying to both parties because no one is imposing a decision upon them. Inevitably, a well-resolved mediation is one where both parties walk away feeling not entirely happy, but not entirely upset either.

3. Arbitration is the third option. This is similar to litigation because you have a panel full of arbitrators. They will listen to the facts and evidence and then attempt to apply the law of the state that governs the contract. They will also decide what the outcome of that dispute resolution is going to be. It is an imposed decision that is also decided quicker than litigation and less expensive than litigation.

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If you have incurred what you consider to be a breach of contract and your breach meets all of the qualifications listed above, you should reach out to a business lawyer today. Oftentimes, the initial consultation is free and the lawyer will work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not have to pay him or her if you lose your case.

On the contrary, if you have been sued for breach of contract or are being threatened to be sued for breach of contract, it is also very important that you contact a business lawyer. Discuss what is going on with your specific situation, and make sure that you have a knowledgeable business lawyer Washington, DC clients recommend from Brown Kiely, LLP looking out for you. They will do their very best to win your case and bring you the justice you deserve.