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Breach of Contract Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

Breach of Contract Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

Actions That Count As A Breach of Contract

When getting into agreement with the parties, sign a document that means you will abide by the terms and conditions you can usually agree upon with the other party. Therefore the moment you thought will be the terms related for you by that contract it is considered a breach of contract. When high profile clients get into an agreement with each other the reason for creating legal obligations for one another is simply a way to protect their interests. In such cases a breach of contract is usually going to occur when one of the two parties must perform an obligation in a timely manner.

There are two categories which the breach of contract falls into either immaterial or material. This categorization will decide what the appropriate legal approach should be. You should reach out to a breach of contract lawyer in Baltimore, MD today you find yourself with a contract that has been breached, the ones available at Brown Kiely LLP are great, but other breach of contract lawyers in Baltimore, MD might suit your needs too. 

There are two types of contract and both are legally enforceable, there is the oral contract and the written contract. An oral contract is a contract made spoken typically with a handshake, while a written contract is going to be in writing and you’re going to sign it. This is why you should take caution when you enter into a handshake agreement, should you go ahead and get into the agreement anyway, make sure that you put it into writing so that the specifics of the agreement are not forgotten or remembered differently at a later date.

Consider a contract breached when:

  • One-party fails perform what the agreed-upon
  • Someone takes an action that renders the other incapable of fulfilling their duties as laid out before them in the contract
  • Someone openly declares that they will not follow the agreement any further despite the obligations leave before them in the contact

But you may be asking yourself what happens when the contract is breached? This is a great question to ask your breach of contract lawyer in Baltimore, MD. When a contract is breached by one person the other is going to be entitled to different remedies, and those remedies can vary state-by-state or area by area. 

You might find yourself asking first consequential damages, which means that the party responsible for the breach pays an amount to the other, and the amounts to be enough to put the nonbreaching party in a position that would’ve been at the contract being carried out per its terms. Another way to receive reparations for a brief contract is punitive damages, the party that breaches the contract pays an amount from the breaching party for the breach of the contract. And of course last but not least, as liquidated damages. The liquidated damages are part of the contract itself and agreed upon for the client to sign. It states an amount that  must be paid if the party breaches the contract.

If you find yourself in a position where your contract has been breached, reach out to a breach of contract lawyer in Baltimore, MD.