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Business Litigation Attorney Washington, DC

Business Litigation Attorney

Business Litigation Attorney Washington, DCBefore making certain business decisions, you should consider consulting a respected business litigation attorney Washington, DC provides to ensure you’re doing the right thing. Brown Kiely LLP is a law firm well-known for their knowledge, expertise, and success. Regardless of what your particular business concern is, our law firm can discuss it with you during an initial consultation for which we will not charge.

The Importance of a Business Litigation Attorney Washington, DC

When it comes to business litigation, we get it. We are no strangers to high stake legal matters that require what we like to call “mission-critical” business litigation. We also are well apt to handle and resolve smaller legal matters in a timely manner. As a successful business litigation attorney Washington, DC trusts, we have a long list of long term clients from a broad range of sectors including technology, online businesses, and mom and pop shops. Agile across a multitude of relevant legal subjects, we know what needs to done in order to protect your business.

Our Services

As a business litigation attorney Washington, DC has to offer, we understand that all legal issues come with an inherent risk. We also know that when clients come to us, their future might be hinging on the outcome of a case. For this reason, we have made it a point to act as your supporting advocate and ensure that we understand your current and long term business objectives. Using this information, we are able to craft a business litigation strategy that is designed to look after the interests of your company. Our experience as a Washington, DC business litigation attorney includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • American business law
  • Trade regulation
  • Appellate advocacy
  • Antitrust regulation
  • Class action litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Discrimination litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Fraud
  • Employment litigation
  • Entertainment litigation
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Business torts
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Franchise and dealership
  • Health care litigation
  • Probate, trusts, and estates
  • + more

Even if you don’t see what you are looking for above, we encourage you to contact a business litigation attorney in Washington, DC for individual advice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution is a widely used legal opportunity for conflicting businesses to resolve their differences without going through the costly, time consuming court proceedings. With a business litigation attorney Washington, DC depends on, you might be an ideal candidate for arbitration, mediation, or other types of dispute resolution.

We Seek to Build Long Term Relationships

As a business litigation attorney Washington, DC respects, it is our ambition to build long term relationships with clients throughout the lifecycle of their business endeavor. Guided by a nimble approach to maintaining our caseload and decades of sharing risk with clients, we have been able to deliver value, efficiency, and results. If you are in need of something like this, please call a business litigation attorney Washington, DC residents have on their side. Rest assured when you contact us, your information and details are completely confidential. During your consultation, we will listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you your legal options. All you need to do is call us today.

If you are not ready to call but wish to know more about our business litigation services, please consider the following questions and answers.

Questions and Answers from a Washington, DC Business Litigation Attorney

What is business litigation?

Business litigation is the practice of law involving commercial or business relationships, particularly those that result in controversies and problems. Examples of legal issues suited to a business litigation attorney Washington, DC trusts include:

  • Business torts
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Contract and antitrust litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Breach of contract
  • Libel, slander, or defamation of character
  • Debtor and creditor disputes
  • Dissolution of business
  • Employment disputes
  • Merger and acquisition litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Shareholder disputes

Why hire a business litigation attorney in Washington, DC?

Business litigation is highly specialized and very complex. The litigation process itself can include a broad range of civil and criminal legal matters involving local, state, and federal laws. For these reasons, it’s advisable to hire an experienced attorney who understands how to navigate this multi-layered system and can advise you on your rights and obligations.

What could be involved in a business litigation issue?

Every litigation matter is unique; however, business litigation typically involves filing motions, settlement negotiation attempts, a possible trial, or an appeal. Your business litigation attorney Washington, DC has to offer should explain the process in further detail during a free consultation with you.

Are there any alternatives to litigation?

Yes. The law firm of Brown Kiely LLP may attempt to negotiate with the other side in order to save you time and money. We know that staying out of the courtroom can be very advantageous for our clients. We may also implement alternative dispute methods such as mediation to avoid business litigation. Rest assured, we are prepared to do what it takes to economically resolve your issue with haste.

What should I do if I am involved in a business dispute or litigation?

It may be in your best interest to seek advice from a business litigation attorney Washington, DC businesses count on. By entrusting an attorney to take care of such important issues, you can feel confident in knowing your business interests are protected to the fullest extent, both in and out of the courtroom.

Why should I choose Brown Kiely LLP?

The legal associates at Brown Kiely LLP are accomplished attorneys with respectable merits in their field. Regarded by clients and peers as a skillful legal team, we understand what it takes to get effective results in a timely manner. We handle the legal aspects of business concerns so that you can get back to what really matters — your business.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with a business litigation attorney Washington, DC offers, please call the law firm of Brown Kiely LLP now.


Answers from a Business Litigation Attorney Washington, DC