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An Elder abuse lawyer Washington DC families turn to from Brown Kiely, LLP understands the emotional rollercoaster of realizing that your senior loved one is not safe in the nursing home facility they were placed into. Maybe you had a weird suspicion that something wasn’t right, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Perhaps you saw odd bruising or your loved one has been exhibiting behavior changes, and you just don’t know who you can turn to. The legal team at Brown Kiely, LLP can inform you of your options, how to remove your loved one safely, and how to pursue legal action against the offending parties.

Elder care facilities owe a duty to their senior residents, to treat them kindly, with respect, and protect them against abuse or neglect. Many seniors who are placed into these types of facilities are there because they are not fully able to take care of themselves. They are one of the most vulnerable members of our society, and to mistreat them necessitates immediate legal action and a pursuit of justice. 

Know Your Options

A nursing home lawyer Washington, DC families trust encourages loved ones of a senior relative in a nursing home to find out their options through scheduling a brief initial consultation at no cost to you. Brow Kiely, LLP is dedicated to safeguarding the seniors in this community, and hope that you call us for the guidance you need during this very difficult time. A lawyer from our team can assess the situation and offer advice on what to do next to ensure the safety of your loved one. 

What Constitutes as Abuse

The term “abuse” is a broad classification that includes many different kinds of mistreatment. The abuse may be physical, sexual, financial, or mental. The people committing abuse against elderly residents in a nursing care facility are often the care staff who must attend to them on a daily basis. However, doctors, visitors, residents, electricians, security personnel, groundskeeper, another resident’s visitors, or anyone else who may frequent the facility.

Neglect is another form of abuse, where harm is not being inflicted through action, but instead through inaction. For example, a care staff member may fail to attend to a resident’s need to use the restroom, resulting in them pottying themselves. While bathroom accidents do happen, if it becomes a pattern and causes injury to the resident, then it crosses the line.

The main message we want you to take away from this article is knowing that physical, emotional, or financial abuse or neglect is actionable by law. You should never hesitate to contact our law office even if you suspect that something bad is happening to your relative. We can investigate further and get your loved one safely removed from the facility. 

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