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Evidence of Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing Home Lawyer, MarylandNursing home neglect is a form of nursing home abuse. When the resident receives below standard care, it can lead to emotional as well as physical harm. If you know or suspect that someone you love is the victim of such neglect, you can rely on a nursing home lawyer in Maryland from Brown Kiely LLP for legal assistance. We have been dedicated to helping protect the lives and rights of people in this community for decades. We fully understand the emotional toll that neglect of an elder can have on the entire family.

Types of Neglect
Neglect can vary depending on each individual, but there are a few types that are most common to happen in a nursing home environment. A nursing home lawyer in Maryland can determine if legal action should be taken against the home on behalf of your loved one in the form of an injury claim. Your cherished family member may be suffering from any of the following types of neglect:

  • Medical Neglect. The nursing home fails to provide sufficient medical care to the resident which can result in bed sores, infections, cuts, bruises, cognitive difficulties, or mobility problems.
  • Basic Needs Neglect. The nursing home fails to give the senior a tidy, safe, living space or without enough food or water.
  • Social and Emotional Neglect. The staff members consistently ignore the resident by leaving them alone for long periods of time, not responding to their verbal requests for care, or the staff yells at them or stresses the resident in some way.
  • Personal Hygiene Neglect. The nursing home residents do not receive help with cleaning themselves: washing, clothing, brushing their teeth, or performing other forms of regular hygiene.

Nursing Home Neglect Red Flags
Nursing home neglect can be identified through subtle or obvious signs. A nursing home lawyer in Maryland might tell you that when it comes to neglect, there may not be any physical signs that this is happening. The senior may start to experience behavioral or personality changes or appear malnourished. They can develop bed sores, unexpected weight loss, frequent infections, pressure ulcers, fall often, appear dehydrated, or withdraw and not interact with other residents. It may be a red flag if you notice the building has hazards like poor lighting, broken wheelchairs, puddles on the floor, or unstable furniture.

When to Call an Attorney
If you believe your loved one has suffered from some form of neglect, call us immediately at Brown  Kiely LLP. Those who endure neglect in a nursing facility may be at an increased risk for illness, injury, and an early death. It can be challenging to determine whether or not neglect is occurring if the signs are very subtle. A nursing home lawyer in Maryland from Brown  Kiely can help you decide if legal action is the right choice. Many incidents of neglect can go unreported due to the resident being afraid to speak up, or family members not taking comments seriously. If your family member is possibly being mistreated, do not take this lightly.

We offer a free consultation with a nursing home lawyer in Maryland from our firm for anyone whose family member may be at risk in a nursing home. Call us to make an appointment with a nursing home lawyer, Maryland residents rely on when they are concerned about a loved one. If you might need a nursing home lawyer in Maryland, contact us today at Brown Kiely LLP.