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Law Firm Baltimore, MDThere is a simple philosophy of hiring good, smart people who share the vision of becoming one of the preeminent boutique civil litigation firms in the region.and in between both of our founding partners there are 20 years of experience as trial lawyers with outstanding records of success in commercial litigation and personal injury law. They represent businesses, both large and small as well as individuals or families and a variety of disputes.

They are committed to using expertise in their thorough knowledge of the law to best represent you in the courtroom.

Most of the clients that work with Brown Kiely LLP heard about them through word-of-mouth. They are referred by fellow members of the bar or by former client’s for the most part, which is an extreme point of pride for the law firm. So if you want a law firm that cares about you and your experiences as a person, and as a client, you want Brown Kiely LLP

Brown Kiely LLP focuses on a client-centered approach, which means the following:

  1. You will have direct access to your attorney.
  2. We want to get to know you individually so that we can best serve your needs and ensure that we take the best approach for your case.
  3. Responsive and thoughtful representation.

Oftentimes people consult a lawyer during a time of turmoil such as you or someone you love has been injured, you have a contract that is being dishonored, you have a dispute with the business partner. Brown Kiely LLP is a boutique litigation firm and they take their time to get to know you, your situation and your goals. They understand your frustration from the onset and have most likely helped other clients in similar instances. They achieve success through relationships with their clients and colleagues into a passion for the work that they do.

Brown Kiely LLP values integrity and they are proud of their work and they want the client to be part of the material. They maintain high ethics and earnings, and this is reflected in the advice they give their clients as well as how they treat their clients. 

They are determined to be an accessible law firm, and accessibility is a big focus for them. They believe that if their clients cannot communicate with them while they are there, there’s an issue. The clients have access to them and you will not have to go through various personnel to talk to your lawyer and you won’t have to chase them down around them for the answer. They are also committed, from the staff to the attorneys that work tirelessly to help you with your auctions and achieve your goals.

This law firm treats their clients like family, they treat you how they want to be treated, and value their client’s time and the relationship that they build with their client.

So if you are looking for a law firm in Baltimore MD today, reach out to Brown Kiely LLP.