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Law Firm Montgomery County

Law Firm Montgomery CountyIf you suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence, it’s wise to contact a personal injury law firm in Montgomery County promptly. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other damages. A lawyer can help you pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party and protect your legal rights.

Steps to Take After Getting Hurt in an Accident

Whether you’ve been injured in a car crash or slip and fall accident, it’s normal to feel shocked afterward. However, it’s still important to take certain steps to protect your right to compensation.

  • Speak to witnesses. If there were bystanders who saw your accident take place, don’t hesitate to talk to them. Ask them for their full names and contact information. If you pursue a lawsuit, they may be able to testify on your behalf. 
  • Take photos of the accident scene. If there’s physical evidence at the accident scene, try to take a few photos with your smartphone camera. For example, if you were hurt in a slip and fall accident, you may want to take photos of the condition that caused your accident, such as spilled juice on the floor.
  • Get medical attention. No matter what type of accident you’ve been in, it is critical to seek medical care. This is true even if your injuries don’t seem too severe. Certain injuries, like whiplash and concussions, don’t always present symptoms immediately, but can still be very serious. A doctor will evaluate your injuries and suggest the appropriate treatment plan.
  • Consult a lawyer. If you want to obtain fair compensation for your injury, it is important to speak to a skilled lawyer from a personal injury law firm in Montgomery County. Personal injury cases can be quite complex, so it’s necessary to have someone with knowledge and experience on your side. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company.
  • Be careful about what you say to the insurance company. If the negligent party’s insurance company contacts you, be extra cautious about what you say. Don’t admit to any fault and avoid accepting a settlement too soon. Insurance companies don’t have your best interest in mind. Let your lawyer handle the majority of the communication with the insurance company.

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