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At the Law Offices Bethesda MD residents trust Brown Kiely, LLPA, our lawyers have experience handling cases related to asbestos, business litigation, personal injury, estate law, appellate advocacy, nursing home abuse, and more. For many people, they are not sure whether they actually have a legal case worth pursuing. We offer a brief free initial consultation for new clients who are interested in finding out their options. If you believe you may have a case against a party or entity, we can let you know whether you are eligible to receive compensation. 

We understand that you may be browsing around trying to find the right lawyer, and you may not know what qualities and qualifications you should look for. Here we have listed a few signs that you hired a trustworthy lawyer, such as one from our law firm Bethesda MD clients trust at Brown Kiely, LLP: 

#1 They Are Cautiously Optimistic

It is important that the lawyer you hire does not make extravagant promises that seem unrealistic, regardless of how seasoned that person is. An experienced lawyer knows that there are so many factors to consider for your case, and that there are no guarantees in the outcome. 

#2 They Are a Good Listener

A great lawyer is someone who listens and understands your goals in the case. Not only should they listen well, but are able to respond in a timely manner with applicable information. They should be considerate of your time and get back to you with answers to your questions within a reasonable time frame. 

#3 They Are Honest About Fees

While it certainly is not the highlight of the conversation, your lawyer should still talk with you about their fees from the very start. Depending on the type of representation, there may be flat fees. Many lawyers will give you a range in price and never send you a surprise bill you weren’t informed about. 

#4 Your Gut Tells You Yes

All in all, you should enjoy speaking with your lawyer as they are a source of information and support as your case is being handled. Your lawyer should respect you and other parties involved with respect. A great lawyer updates you as things unfold and communicates often. If you get a weird vibe about a lawyer you met with and aren’t sure why, you may want to listen to your gut and find someone else. 

#5 They Are Objective

Your lawyer is someone who will empathize with your situation, however, they must still be able to stay objective and seek truth for your benefit. Your lawyer should work to establish a professional relationship with you that has a foundation of trust. Your lawyer should also never hold back information about your case, whether that be good or bad news.

If you need a lawyer to help you regarding a recent situation you or a loved one were in, then please call our Bethesda, Maryland Law Offices to speak with a lawyer at Brown Kiely, LLP today.