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Nursing Home Clogged Breathing Tubes Lawyer Maryland

If your family member suffered injuries from clogged breathing tubes, you should speak to a nursing home clogged breathing tubes lawyer Maryland residents trust. Nursing home staff members must exercise extreme caution when taking care of intubated patients to prevent the breathing tubes from getting clogged. If these tubes get clogged, your family may be entitled compensation.

Reasons to Use Breathing Tubes

Breathing tubes are designed to open a patient’s airway and increase their intake of oxygen. If your family member suffers from breathing difficulties caused by a medical condition, like pneumonia or COPD, it may be necessary to use breathing tubes.

Causes of Clogged Breathing Tubes

Nursing home staff have to be properly trained on how to place, maintain and remove breathing tubes from patients. Here are some of the most common causes of clogged breathing tubes:

  • Lack of Training: Managing patients with breathing tubes can be quite complex, so it’s necessary for nursing home staff members to receive adequate training on how to do so. If they don’t know how to identify clogged breathing tubes or how to resolve the issue, patients can suffer injuries.
  • Not Enough Staff: As a nursing home lawyer Maryland residents trust can confirm, clogged breathing tubes are more likely to occur if there are not enough staff members on site. They might not have enough time to check on patients often enough to recognize a problem.
  • Distractions: Unfortunately, nursing home staff members can become distracted sometimes. If they are on their smartphones or talking to other staff members instead of checking on their patients regularly, patients may not receive the help they need.

These mistakes can result in serious injuries, including vocal cord paralysis, brain injury, granuloma or even death.

What to Do If Your Family Member Suffered Injuries from a Clogged Breathing Tube

If you recently discovered that your loved one endured injuries from a clogged breathing tube, you likely feel devastated and confused. You may wonder how nursing home staff members allowed this to happen. Unfortunately, this type of neglect happens more often than you might think. However, that does not mean you have to stand for this kind of treatment.

A nursing home clogged breathing tubes lawyer in Maryland can help you file a claim against the nursing home and get your family member justice. He or she can help you gather necessary evidence, identify key witnesses and negotiate with the insurance company. During your initial consultation with a lawyer, be prepared to answer several questions about your family member’s case, such as when the incident occurred and what injuries your loved one endured from it.

If your family member is the victim of nursing home neglect, you should schedule a consultation with a nursing home clogged breathing tubes lawyer in Maryland today.