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Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Washington DC

DC Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Washington DC

At Brown Kiely, LLP, a Nursing home negligence lawyer Washington DC families trust is ready to protect senior loved ones who are experiencing mistreatment in an elder care facility. Institutional elder abuse refers to mistreatment that happens in residential facilities, such as assisted living, care homes, and nursing homes. The abuse is usually inflicted by those who have an obligation to provide care and protection, including nurses, doctors, security, and others who frequent the facility. The kind of abuse may range from emotional, physical, sexual, and/or financial.

If you are suspicious that something isn’t right with your loved one’s care, then you are probably right. A lawyer from Brown Kiely, LLP is available to intervene and investigate the abuse immediately. We can help you relocate your senior relative and hold the offender accountable before things worsen further.

10 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Sometimes the signs of nursing home abuse or neglect are obvious, and other times they can be difficult to uncover. A nursing home lawyer Washington, DC families can depend on is experienced in investigation claims of abuse, and knows what signs to watch out for. We provide free consultations for new clients, so you can find out your options and learn about how we can help you keep your loved one safe. If relocation is needed, we can offer information on how to do this smoothly. We can also give you information about how to pursue justice and ensure that the offender is held responsible for their actions.

We strongly encourage you call us right now if any of these signs of nursing home abuse or neglect is apparent with your senior relative: 

  1. Your loved one appears anxious, on alert, fearful, or agitated.
  2. Your loved one has withdrawn and no longer shows an interest in things they used to enjoy. 
  3. Your loved one has fallen or had an accident that resulted in serious injury, but they do not have an explanation for how it happened. 
  4. Your loved one has open wounds, bedsores, or frequent infections. 
  5. Your loved one is malnourished or dehydrated, and has sudden weight loss, cracked lips, dry mouth, swollen tongue, or weakness. 
  6. Your loved one has bruises, scratches, or broken bones that have no explanation. 
  7. Your loved one lacks proper hygiene and has on dirty clothes, unwashed hair, overgrown nails, etc. 
  8. Your loved one has trouble with mobility and doesn’t go daily walking or exercise like they used to.
  9. Your loved one does not have enough help with toileting so they have to wear diapers or disposable briefs. 
  10. Your loved one is drowsy, sleepy, disoriented, or confused because of a new medication that is sedating. 

Call Brown Kiely, LLP For Assistance

Accepting the fact that your senior relative may be getting abused in a nursing home facility is not easy. However, there are steps you can take to protect them and make sure the offenders pay the price for the harm they have done. Call Brown Kiely, LLP today for assistance from a compassionate and knowledgeable Washington, DC nursing home negligence lawyer.