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Professional Liability Lawyer Washington, D.C.

Professional Liability Lawyer Washington, D.C.

professional liability lawyer Washington, D.C.If you have been harmed by a physician, an attorney, or another professional (who was acting in a professional capacity at the time you suffered harm), please connect with a professional liability lawyer Washington, D.C. residents trust. Speaking with a lawyer will allow you to clarify your situation, explore your legal options, and become empowered to make informed decisions moving forward. Depending on the unique circumstances you’re facing, you may have grounds for a professional liability cause of action.

Professional Liability Law – The Basics

Generally speaking, professional liability law applies the principles of negligence to situations in which an individual acting in a professional capacity directly causes their patient or client harm. Essentially, if your doctor, lawyer, dentist, accountant, or another trusted professional behaved negligently and that professional negligence led directly to your harm, you may be able to hold the individual responsible for that harm accountable in court.

No two professional liability cases unfold in exactly the same ways. As a result, it’s important to speak with an experienced litigation law firm, Washington, D.C. residents trust before you make any assumptions about whether you have grounds for a case. All too often, patients and clients assume that the ways in which they’ve been treated are simply “the way things are.” In reality, when professionals behave negligently, make mistakes, and cause harm, patients and clients are not bound to simply suffer the consequences of these missteps. Oftentimes, the law preserves the rights of those who have suffered harm at the hands of a negligent professional. Depending on the nature of the situation you’re navigating, you may be entitled to significant compensation as a result of your suffering.

Technically, a negligence case may be brought against virtually any individual acting in a professional capacity at the time that they negligently caused harm to someone seeking their professional services. Most of the time, these cases are brought against medical professionals, legal professionals, architects, engineers, financial professionals, real estate professionals, and taxation professionals. If someone needs a professional license to operate their business, they may potentially be sued for such negligence-related harm. The success of a professional liability case generally “turns” on whether it can be proven that the professional in question failed to honor the reasonable standard of care expected of service providers in their field.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you are unsure of whether you have grounds to file a professional liability case, that’s okay. The experienced Washington, D.C. legal team at Brown Kiely LLP can clarify your options for you once we learn more about the circumstances surrounding the harm you’ve suffered. Once you’ve asked questions and received personalized legal guidance, you may or may not choose to move forward with filing a case. If you choose to file legal action, our firm’s Washington, D.C. professional liability lawyer team will do our utmost to build the strongest possible case on your behalf; we look forward to speaking with you.