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Shareholder Dispute Attorney Maryland

Shareholder Dispute Attorney Maryland Business Litigation Lawyer Washington, DC

Resolving Legal Disputes Between Shareholders

It can be said that there are very few disputes more damaging to a business, and their owners, than those which involve shareholders or partners. If you are involved in one of these disputes, you might know that time is of the essence. A shareholder dispute attorney Maryland trusts should be called upon for immediate guidance and advice. 

At Brown Kiely LLP, we know that in order to achieve a successful resolution to a shareholder dispute, legal knowledge is not the only thing that matters. Rather, we understand the importance of business knowledge, negotiation skills, and finally, an immaculate degree of finesse. If you would agree, and know that you can benefit from a shareholder dispute attorney in Maryland, call Brown Kiely LLP, now. 

A Maryland Shareholder Dispute Lawyer

At Brown Kiely LLP, our lawyers have years of experience in business law and litigation. Not only are we a team of legal professionals, but we also run a law firm; thus, we are able to bring firsthand knowledge to some of the issues clients might face. As a leading business litigation attorney Maryland trusts, we represent shareholders, partners, and owners of small to large companies throughout the state. 

When you need a legal advocate to help you resolve a shareholder dispute, fight or file a lawsuit, dissolve a partnership, or find amicable business solutions, turn to a shareholder dispute attorney in Maryland. 

Common Reasons for a Shareholder Dispute to Occur

  • Misleading financial reports
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Violation of trade secrets
  • Disagreements over the direction of the company
  • Clashes between partners’ roles
  • Who will manage operations related to a concern or task
  • How or when a business will be sold
  • How the business will “wind-down”
  • The buy out of a shareholder
  • Professional malpractice
  • Breach of contract

Our clients have included:

  • Limited Partners
  • General Partners
  • Controlling Shareholders
  • Minority Shareholders

Is a Successful Resolution Possible?

You might feel as if the dispute is so heated that finding a solution feels impossible. As a shareholder dispute attorney in Maryland, we have resolved disputes of all complexities, and many felt impossible to resolve to some clients. Although a judgement is one way to resolve a dispute, we try to avoid taking a case to court. First, we may attempt to resolve a dispute through mediation or arbitration. In most cases, this works, and best of all it is much more affordable than litigation. If we believe a client can achieve their desired result while avoiding these high costs, we will help him or her to understand how this can be done. Rest assured, we are not shy of the courts, and will be ready to present a case before a state or federal court. 

At Brown Kiely LLP, we stay attuned to our clients’ needs and goals. When you need sound legal advice, and aggressive legal advocacy, turn to a shareholder dispute attorney in Maryland, such as one from Brown Kiely LLP.