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Bedsores lawyer Baltimore, MD

Bedsores Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland

Bedsores lawyer Baltimore, MD

If your loved one is currently living in a nursing home, you shouldn’t have to rely on a bedsores lawyer in Baltimore, MD, to ensure they are being treated well. However, the unfortunate reality behind nursing homes is that not all staff can be relied on, and not all staff is as attentive as you would expect.

Your loved one needs special care and attention, and this means making sure the nursing staff in their nursing home takes steps to keep them happy and healthy. This means quality care your loved one can count on, every day. When it comes to nursing home care, it’s important to know that your loved one has reliable staff on hand – but even with the most attentive staff, injuries are an inevitable part of aging. It’s up to nursing home staff to minimize these injuries, but if they’re inattentive and neglect your loved ones, your loved one might struggle with even the most common health issues.

One of the most common health issues for the elderly in long term care is bedsores. They’re also a strong sign of whether or not your loved one is receiving the quality care that he or she deserves.

What are Bedsores?

Bedsores are also known as pressure ulcers. They’re injuries to the skin that form as a result of long term pressure applied to certain parts of the body. Bedsores can also be caused by friction – if a person has been sitting in one place for too long and suddenly moves, their body might move one direction while the skin stays in place, causing a painful shear and a hazardous injury.

Bedsores are found primarily on bony parts of the body – this includes heels, ankles, shoulderblades, and the tailbone, to name a few examples. Those who are most at risk of bedsores are those who are unable to move very much by themselves: those who are confined to chairs, or beds for long periods of time. The elderly receiving care in nursing homes are especially at risk.

Despite the danger of bedsores, they’re a completely preventable injury. Bedsores can be prevented by frequently repositioning the bedridden (or chair-ridden) individual to alleviate pressure. They can also be prevented with proper cushioning, and in some cases, specially-designed wheelchairs or beds. This prevention can be a lifesaver: left untreated, some bedsores can develop into much more severe health complications – all the more reason to contact a nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD if you suspect your loved one is being neglected.

Is Your Loved One Receiving Proper Care?

With the proper medical attention, bedsores shouldn’t be a problem. However, if your loved one has developed bedsores while staying in a nursing home, it could be a sign of neglect. Your loved one deserves the best care imaginable, and that means a staff that will take the necessary steps to prevent an injury like bedsores.

If you feel that your loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect, they don’t need to take the abuse. Reach out and contact a qualified nursing home lawyer to ensure they get the care they deserve, and don’t let them suffer from pain and neglect any longer.

Not all bedsores lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland, are created equal: fortunately, at Brown Kiely, LLP, we know the importance of quality long term care, and we’re willing to fight for you and your loved one so you can move on from negligence and abuse. Reach out today for a free consultation.