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Nursing home lawyer Baltimore, MD

Nursing home lawyer Baltimore, MDNursing home lawyer Baltimore, MD

Family members who are concerned about their aging relative in a nursing home facility, can rely on a nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD for advice on how to take action. Nursing home mistreatment is a serious issue for our legal team at Brown Kiely LLP, with neglect being a top form of abuse against the elderly. Nursing home neglect occurs when staff fails to provide a proper level of care to their residents. When a senior resident is being neglected, there may be signs that something just isn’t right. Contact us immediately if any of the following red flags are observed in your loved one:

Lack of Personal Hygiene

When tending to senior residents, care staff must help with personal hygiene. A number of residents probably need assistance getting themselves dressed, brushing their hair, showering, clipping fingernails, and cleaning their teeth. A resident may quickly become neglected and suffer from poor personal hygiene if left alone to do these tasks independently but aren’t capable of doing so.

Nursing homes tend to have high turnover rates, meaning there may not be enough care staff around to adequately tend to each resident’s personal hygiene. In Baltimore, MD our nursing home lawyer can help you decide whether neglect may be happening to your cherished family member.

Dirty Living Conditions

Nursing homes must always provide senior residents with a room or space that is clean and safe. Federal law requires nursing home facilities to uphold protocols that reduce infection, in addition to offering sanitary and comfortable living quarters. If you recently went to visit your loved one and saw the living conditions were unkempt, the bed was soiled, or other signs that cleaning has not been done in some time, please contact a nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD immediately. Here at Brown Kiely LLP, we can help you take action before the situation escalates further.

Weak Mobility

A nursing home facility must see that residents get around and are as active as possible, based on their capabilities and limitations. Many nursing home facilities have programs for walking, so residents can build muscle strength, improve circulation, reduce spasms, and increase their balance. If a resident becomes neglected, he or she may have to lay in bed for several hours or days at a time.

If you believe your senior loved one had been bedridden for so long that he or she lost mobility entirely, do not hesitate to seek representation from a Baltimore, MD nursing home lawyer.

Psychological Distress

Neglect can also cause problems psychologically for a senior resident, especially if he or she comes to fear caregivers and is afraid to speak up about mistreatment. A senior resident may withdraw from family and endure emotional outbursts. Any major emotional changes in your senior relative must be taken very seriously and addressed quickly. A resident may even refuse to perform daily self-care in response to the neglect, by doing things like denying food and not taking necessary medications.

Nursing home abuse is not something we take lightly at Brown Kiely LLP. Do not shrug off signs that things aren’t right at the nursing home facility. Please don’t let another day go by with your loved one being treated this way, let us help put a stop to it. Call our law firm promptly so a nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD can advise you on the best course of action depending on the circumstances of the neglect.