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Best Breach of Contract Lawyer Maryland

Breach of Contract Lawyer Maryland

Litigation Law Firm Bethesda MDWhat to Do When a Non-Compete is Breached

If you want to protect your business, consult with a breach of contract lawyer Maryland. One step businesses may take is to have employees sign a non-compete agreement. The agreement prohibits the worker from working for a competitor for some period of time. When such an agreement is breached, you may look for advice from the best breach of contract lawyer Maryland. The team at Brown Kiely LLP is experienced in such circumstances and here we offer some guidance on what to do next.

What Is a Non-Compete Agreement

The non-compete agreement is an agreement between the employee and employer. The agreement states that one party will not compete against the other within the same industry. Now, most states require these agreements to be reasonable. Additionally, the business needs to have information to protect, like trade secrets or client lists.

When the Non-Compete Agreement Kicks In

Normally, the employee has to leave the company for the non-compete agreement to go into effect. Now, in some cases, an employer might remind the employee of their obligation and agreement. If you conduct an exit interview, you can take the time to remind your former employee of what he or she agreed to. You may also remind them that you may take action in the event the agreement is violated. If he or she winds up violating the agreement, there are steps you can take, starting with a consultation from the best breach of contract lawyer Maryland.

Speak to the New Employer

If you learn that your former employee is working for a competitor, you can always reach out the business to explain the contractual obligations. This alerts the employer that the employee is violating your agreement. If you do this promptly, he or she may not hire the employee and you may not have to worry about the violation.

Cease and Desist

If contacting the employer doesn’t work, then you can send a cease and desist. This will state that the employee has violated the agreement. In addition, it will order the employee to stop work. Usually, you would hire the best breach of contract lawyer Maryland to craft this letter to ensure it’s done professionally and legally. If that doesn’t work, then you may have to go to arbitration or mediation. These processes will help stop the violation.

Litigation Process

If none of that works, then you may have to file a lawsuit. Before you file a lawsuit, you should contact the best breach of contract lawyer Maryland and make sure that you have a deep understanding of the law. Your lawyer will be able to look over the agreement to make sure that it’s enforceable.

If you have an employee that breaches a non-compete agreement, there are steps that you can take against the employee. It’s important to first discuss it with the best breach of contract lawyer Maryland to ensure you’re doing the right thing with litigation. For more information on non-compete agreements, contact Brown Kiely LLP today.