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Breach of Contract Lawyer in Montgomery County

Breach of Contract Lawyer in Montgomery County

Contracts are the soul and life of the business world. They are living, breathing documents that outline obligations between two parties, protecting the interest of everyone involved and they hope to avoid various types of legal complications. Contracts typically work well up until the moment that they don’t. If you are dealing with a breach of contract matter you might be wondering what your next step should be.

There are two categories in which the breach of contract falls into either immaterial or material. This categorization will decide what the appropriate legal approach should be. You should reach out to a breach of contract lawyer in Montgomery County today you find yourself with a contract that is been breached, the ones available at Brown Kiely LLP are great, but other breach of contract lawyers in Baltimore, MD might suit your needs too. 

There are two types of contract and both are legally enforceable. There is the oral contract and the written contract. An oral contract is a contract made spoken typically with a handshake, while a written contract is going to be in writing and you’re going to sign it. This is why you should take caution when you enter into a handshake agreement, should you go ahead and get into the agreement anyway, make sure that you put it into writing so that the specifics of the agreement are not forgotten or remembered differently at a later date.

Consider a contract breached when:

  • One-party fails to perform what the agreed-upon
  • Someone takes an action that renders the other incapable of fulfilling their duties as laid out before them in the contract
  • Someone openly declares that they will not follow the agreement any further despite the obligations leave before them in the contact

There are many ways to approach a breach of contract, from litigation to mediation, but litigation is not always necessary. There are many benefits to employing the mediation process over a traditional lawsuit litigation process. Some of the most important benefits of this type of resolution has are:

  • It takes less time to complete.
  • It costs less than traditional litigation.
  • It often leads to better resolutions.
  • It is less complicated than litigation.
  • The results of the mediation process will remain confidential.
  • It can help preserve business relationships.
  • It allows parties more control over the outcome of the process.

Breach of contract may happen for many reasons and often the party responsible for the breach is willing to work on a solution outside of the court. It may be prudent and more cost-efficient to remember that there are many non adversarial ways to think of a financially beneficial solution even in the most complex situation.

Mediation may be a more peaceful way to seek an official outcome to your rigid contract issues, but that does not mean that you should not buy for the best interest of you or your company. If mediation will not work for you but litigation will talk to your breach of contract lawyer in Montgomery County.