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Business Litigation Law Firm Maryland

Business Litigation Law Firm Maryland

business litigation law firm MarylandSafeguarding your company’s branding tools by registering each trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is important. Failure to take this step could lead to litigation. Either your company’s branding could be infringed upon by others or you could be accused of stepping on the intellectual property rights of another company as a result of your branding efforts. Working with the experienced Maryland business litigation law firm of Brown Kiely LLP can help to ensure that you’re taking the correct steps to protect your company’s interests.

Whether you are at the beginning phases of the application process or you’re thinking about filing (or responding to) an intellectual property action, working with an experienced Maryland business litigation law firm can help to ensure that your company’s valuable branding isn’t compromised. Our team can also advise you if you’re interested in conducting a trademark search, completing a complicated application, or appealing a trademark denial. Even if our Maryland business lawyer team can’t assist you with certain intellectual property matters directly, we can refer you to a firm that does.

Conducting a Search

Businesses have the ability to trademark their brands in efforts to prevent others from profiting off of their marks. Trademarks are an essential component to any business because they help consumers identify a brand. Symbols, wording, or designs that are too similar to trademarks can create confusion for consumers. In some cases, consumers may even mistake brands due to trademarks that too closely resemble others. To avoid landing in hot water, you will want to conduct a thorough search prior to beginning the trademark application process. This is essential because if there is a trademark that too closely resembles your brand, you put yourself at risk of receiving a denial of your application and suffering legal entanglements. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you to conduct a search to ensure that there are no other trademarks out there that are too similar to yours. 

Complicated Application Process

Facing the trademark registration process can be incredibly challenging without the assistance of a lawyer. Once your trademark lawyer has completed the search process and confirmed that there are no similar trademarks out there, they can help you to complete your trademark application. No person wants to go through the application process and lengthy waiting period to receive a denial in the end. Your lawyer will work with you to determine whether your mark is one that can be trademarked, ensure that it is formatted properly and help you with the identification of goods and services. Your lawyer will work closely with you to prepare and complete your trademark application.  

Protection of your trademark should be at the forefront of your mind, as the success of your business begins to grow, it will be important that you protect your brand. Just at first glance, a trademark can easily help consumers to identify your product or brand. Your trademark not only helps consumers to identify your business, but it also sets you apart from your competitors. The last thing you want is to experience legal entanglements that result from confusing consumers with a like-minded trademark or have your brand stolen from you. Safeguard the success of your business by connecting with our business litigation law firm Maryland residents trust whenever you’re in need of legal guidance.