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Common Accidents That Result in Broken Bone Injuries

/17 Apr 2018
/By admin

Broken bones are one of the most common injuries seen in personal injury accidents. Bones can break when they are put under a lot of pressure or twisted suddenly. While these injuries aren’t fatal, they can cause a lot of pain and put you out of commission for a while. If you break a bone in more than once place, surgery may be required. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common accidents that result in broken bone injuries:

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle can be a lot of fun and provide great exercise. However, bicyclists are in danger of suffering injuries, like broken bones, even if they wear helmets and other protective gear. These bicyclists can suffer broken legs, rib fractures, skull fractures and other musculoskeletal fractures. It is important for bicyclists to be extra aware of their surroundings and move away from dangerous drivers.

Slips and Falls

Slip and falls can happen in a variety of setting, including grocery stores, offices and people’s homes. Those who fall are at risk of suffering skull, finger, hand and wrist fractures. In severe cases, slip and fall victims fracture their hips, which is extremely painful and can lead to permanent disability. These types of accidents commonly occur because of wet or uneven surfaces.

Car Accident

Individuals involved in car accidents frequently suffer broken bones. During a crash, drivers and passengers can slam their legs and arms very hard against the car doors or dashboard, resulting in broken bones. If they are ejected from the vehicle, they risk other cars running them over, which can also break bones.


Victims of assault also often suffer broken bones. They can suffer a skull fracture if they are hit over the head or a broken arm if they fall during the incident. A person can even break bones if he or she fights back against the assailant. For example, if the person hits the attacker really hard, he or she may suffer fractures among the bones that form the knuckles.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

If you suffered broken bones or injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you deserve justice. A skilled personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City, UT trusts can help you file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your injuries and receive fair compensation. Your lawyer will communicate with insurance companies on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected.

Your lawyer may want to know things like when the accident occurred and what sort of treatments you received for your injuries. Be as detailed as possible in your answers. If you have any documents pertaining to your accident, such as a police report or medical records, remember to bring them with you to the consultation. If you have any questions for your lawyer at the end of the meeting, do not be afraid to ask them.

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