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Injuries Resulting from Mold

/28 Nov 2017
/By admin

Recent studies and claims has revealed toxic mold as a hazard. The newness of the hazard does nothing to take away from its severity. Traditionally, mold develops when moisture builds in your home, whether in your basement, attic, or your walls. There are a number of causes for moisture, plumbing issues and leaks due to weather, just to name a few. Renters and homeowners, alike, should be aware that mold may feed on wallboard or other materials in the building and that the warmer the air, the faster the mold may grow. Mold-infested homes and apartments have caused people serious medical issues. Most of the health problems, if untreated, will have the potential to keep people away from work and make it hard to live a normal, healthy life.

Victims who have been severely exposed to high concentrations of mold and have injuries – such as lung diseases or respiratory infections – should find an attorney in their area who will better articulate their rights as a resident/renter. A civil suit may be necessary if a person has been subjected to inhaling mold toxins due to their place of work or living status (living in a building/home that wasn’t properly maintained by a landlord). If it is found that the party responsible for the mold injuries acted negligently, or outside of the realm of a reasonable standard of care, then the party may be held liable. Mold cases are rising and by speaking with an attorney, like a personal injury attorney Atlanta GA relies on, you are shedding light on a situation that others have ignored or have been misdiagnosed due to a lack of knowledge about the circumstances.

If you have noticed an increase in allergy symptoms such as runny noses, watery eyes, and even mild rashes in family members, you should contact a professional who will be able to determine whether your home might have mold in the walls or in other areas which are not visible.  Because you aren’t an attorney, you should reach out to someone who can assist you in determining if you have a claim to seek compensation for any injury introduced by the mold in your home.  Also, you may be entitled to financial compensation for any wages loss or medical bills.  To ensure that you receive the necessary assistance in gaining clarity and a better understanding, it would be in your best interest to speak with a professional, possibly someone who specializes in  mold and its related ailments.

Thanks to contributor Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into mold injury and personal injury practice.