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Injury Law Firm Bethesda MD Injury Law Firm Bethesda MD

When is it necessary to hire a Bethesda, Maryland injury law firm?

Not everyone needs to hire an injury law firm after an accident, especially if they only suffered a minor injury. In other cases, without hiring a personal injury attorney, the victim is likely to get victimized twice when they file a claim and the insurance company denies it or else only offers a token settlement. An individual is more likely to face these difficulties if they sustained a permanent or significant injury.

One might think that in these scenarios they are less likely to encounter difficulties, but the average insurance company will make every effort to protect their bottom line rather than pay fair settlements to injury victims. It’s important to decide on a course of action at the onset in order to minimize the risk of making critical mistakes. Also, changing course in mid-stream can extend the time it takes to get a settlement. We encourage you to contact our injury law firm in Bethesda MD to discuss your case and learn how we might be able to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today.

Is a free consultation with a Bethesda MD injury law firm worth my time?

If you suffered a serious injury because of another’s negligence, it’s rarely a simple matter of submitting a claim to their insurance company and receiving the maximum possible settlement without the aid of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Brown Kiely, our law firm Bethesda MD offers provides free consultations to help victims decide how they want to move forward.

In some cases, there simply isn’t the basis for filing a claim. In other cases, it’s almost inevitable that it will result in a civil court case against the at-fault party. The free consultation our injury law firm offer does not come with any obligation. It also does not guarantee that our personal injury attorney will take their case. A free consultation is of mutual benefit to the victim and to our firm in this way. To learn more, contact our Bethesda MD office.

What type of injuries are considered serious enough to warrant hiring an injury law firm in Bethesda MD?

This is a far-ranging question whose answer may depend on the severity of the injury rather than the kind of injury. For instance, severe scarring of the face is far more serious than an inch-long scar on an area of the body that is not likely to be noticeable by most people. However, this is not to say that a brain injury is never serious or that losing a limb could possibly be minor. Our skilled personal injury attorney can provide an objective perspective on whether or not your injury is serious enough to warrant hiring legal representation.

When should I contact an injury law firm about my claim?

The State of Maryland has a statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims. To avoid missing this critical deadline, contact us at Brown Kiely, LLP without delay to request your free consultation with our personal injury attorney and find out how our injury law firm Bethesda clients recommend can help.