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Maryland Bedsores Lawyer

Maryland Bedsores Lawyer

Maryland bedsores lawyerIf you have a loved one who has been harmed at the hands of nursing home staff or administration, our trusted Maryland bedsores lawyer is available to assist during this difficult time. Neglect in nursing homes can significantly impact residents, and there are several ways that victims can suffer. Unfortunately, many residents remain silent, leaving abuse and neglect to go unreported because they cannot do so or fear repercussions. Negligent and inadequate care in nursing homes can be hazardous, and administrators should do everything to mitigate the occurrence of such abuse. However, Brown Kiely LLP will tell you that victims and their families must take immediate action to ensure their safety when nursing home abuse occurs. As the family of a loved one who has been harmed, you will likely be looking to hold the liable party accountable, which is one of the many reasons it will be in your best interest to contact our team. 

Neglect in Nursing Homes

When family and aging loved ones set out to search for a nursing home, they seek services and care that are exemplary. As a family member, you want to have the assurance that your loved one is well cared for. Unfortunately, in some cases, nursing home residents may experience neglect and abuse when in the care of a nursing home. While this can be devastating, it’s crucial to identify a problem to ensure that the abuse comes to a stop. Our Nursing Home Lawyer in Maryland will tell you that signs of nursing home neglect and abuse include: 

  • Withdrawn behaviors
  • Unexplained bruises
  • Missing belongings
  • Signs of malnutrition or dehydration
  • Soiled linens
  • Poor hygiene
  • Inadequate medical care
  • Restricted access
  • +More

Abuse and neglect can be incredibly traumatizing, emotionally impactful, and even detrimental. Unfortunately, nursing home mismanagement, underpaid, overworked, and under-qualified staff are all factors that contribute to the prevalence of mistreatment in nursing homes. 

The Dangers of Inadequate Care in Nursing Homes

The aging population is among the most vulnerable. It’s essential to be aware that inadequate and neglectful care can be detrimental to a nursing home resident. When proper treatment, nursing home care, and medical care are not administered, even something typically straightforward, such as a fractured bone, bedsore, or infection, can be complicated. In some cases, the resident may never reach a full recovery. While abuse in a nursing home may be unpreventable in some cases, some steps can be taken to mitigate the risk. Take the time to conduct thorough research before choosing a facility and make sure it is close to the family to ensure that loved ones can visit regularly. 

Reasons to Contact a Lawyer

Nursing home neglect can result in severe injuries that leave victims impacted for the long haul. Your loved one deserves compensation for the damages they have experienced, and this is best managed when a nursing home lawyer is consulted with. They will help navigate the legalities by reviewing the case, strategizing the next steps, and building strong evidence in your favor. We know that the stress around caring for an aging loved one can feel overwhelming, which is why it may be in your best interest to allow a lawyer to manage the legalities. 

Brown Kiely LLP knows it can be challenging to learn that your aging loved one has received inadequate and even neglectful care in a facility you trusted. We know the road ahead may be full of challenges, and we are dedicated and prepared to provide you and your family with the legal support and guidance needed during this time. To take action, schedule a consultation with our Maryland bedsores lawyer before it’s too late.