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Pressure Sore Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Pressure Sore Lawyer Baltimore, MD

Pressure Sore Lawyer Baltimore, MDOur pressure sore lawyer Baltimore, MD families turn to for guidance has seen firsthand the impact that negligent nursing home care can have on residents. Pressure sores are just one type of injury that residents can suffer when proper care is not administered and, while they sound benign, such damages can pose a significant risk. The aging population in the US are fragile and vulnerable to abuse and neglect in nursing homes, and unfortunately, many circumstances of abuse go unreported. If you are a loved one of someone, who has been harmed while in a nursing home facility, taking action will be critical. At Brown Kiely, LLP, our team of professionals knows that it can be challenging to take the next step, but we are here to help you during a time that is often full of unknowns. 

What is a Pressure Sore?

A pressure sore goes by many names and can also be referred to as an ulcer or even a bedsore. These are often common among people with medical conditions or physical limitations that impact their ability to move their bodies or change positions regularly. Bedsores range in severity from stage one to stage four. Bedsores can develop quickly or become problematic over time. Common symptoms that indicate there is an issue such as:

  • The area feeling warm to the touch
  • Swelling
  • Drainage
  • Itchiness
  • Changes to skin color

Pressure sores are highly common for older people in nursing homes who are incontinent, have physical impairments, have poor nutrition. Our nursing home lawyer in Baltimore, MD shares that pressure sores can be prevented and, in some cases, may be an indication that your loved one is not properly cared for. It’s only natural to wonder whether your loved one is receiving quality care as, in most situations, pressure sores can be prevented. 

The Fragility of the Aging Population

The aging population is highly susceptible to pressure sores. This type of medical issue can have a profound impact on people over the age of 70. While a pressure sore can range in severity, the impact can result in serious medical problems that they may not recover from in some cases. Often patients may experience immense pain, infection, and even sepsis, ultimately resulting in death. 

What to Do?

For over 20 years, Brown Kiely, LLP has been focused on our partnership and relationships with our clients. We want our clients to trust and rely on the legal services and support we provide them with. Our team of smart and dedicated legal practitioners is dedicated to helping those when they need us the most. As a person ages, they deserve to receive the best possible care in an environment that meets their specific needs. When this does not happen, nursing home abuse can occur, which can lead to financial losses and stress, significant pain, suffering, and even grief. Whether you are the family of an aging relative or the victim of abuse, you have a right to take action. To act, it’s critical to take the immediate steps to properly remedy the situation in the best way possible by contacting our Baltimore, Maryland pressure sore lawyer to get started.