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Septicemia Deaths in Nursing Homes

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Septicemia Deaths in Nursing HomesFamilies rely heavily on nursing homes where they entrust the care of their loved ones. Some of our most vulnerable citizens are placed in the care of nursing home facilities around the country. While many of these facilities provide care that adheres to the best practices, many do not and patients are at a high risk of suffering irreparable harm due to neglect and abuse. If you fear your loved one has been a victim of such a circumstance, call a nursing home lawyer to find out what legal recourse may be available.

Brown Kiely LLP has a team of nursing home lawyers who understand what your concerns may be. Our Washington D.C. lawyers have a deep understanding of the relevant law and the experience to fight for your loved one. We have extensive experience advocating for nursing home abuse victims and their families in getting them the justice and compensation they deserve. Contact our office for more details.  

Neglect That Leads to Death

Neglect in a nursing home situation can lead to many different life-threatening injuries. Tragically, there are many cases where the injuries result in the death of the elderly victim.

Common side effects of neglect and/or abuse may be evident by way of:

  • Bedsores/pressure sores
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bruises, lacerations, fractures or broken bones
  • Incorrect administration of/or incorrect dosage of medications
  • Changes in behavior and//or sleep patterns
  • Persistent illnesses


One of the most concerning patient illnesses is septicemia, also referred to as sepsis. Sepsis is an extremely serious fast-moving blood infection that spreads through the entire body. Sepsis enters the body through open wounds, intravenous lines, or catheters.

Symptoms may include fevers and chills, changes in blood pressure, but it is more prevalent in the elderly where there are respiratory tract issues followed by genitourinary infections. These problems can lead to severe sepsis and septic shock (dangerously low blood pressure due to tiny blood clots and a lack of oxygen).

In a nursing home setting, if not treated promptly, even a seemingly minor illness can lead to fatal consequences. Studies have shown patients age 65 and older have a 20 percent higher death rate when hospitalized for treatment of sepsis, compared with a 3 percent death rate for hospitalizations for other conditions.

One of the most common reasons sepsis occurs is when nursing home patients develop infections due to improper care which are not treated in a timely manner. Several factors can indicate neglect in a nursing home situation, from being understaffed to the inadequacy of keeping the facility cleaned. These factors greatly increase the risk of sepsis.

If you suspect this may be the case for your loved one, contact a nursing home lawyer, Washington, D.C families depend on who will listen to your concerns and litigate on your behalf should you decide to retain their services. Call Brown Kiely LLP today for an initial complimentary consultation. You will be glad you did. Working with a dedicated legal team will mitigate a stressful situation.