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The Gadget That Can Lead to Fatalities

/04 Jul 2018
/By admin

Most of us know just how dangerous it is to use a cellphone while driving. The awareness of how risky this habit is has raised over recent years, as more and more collisions have happened because of it. It only takes a fraction of a second for a driver to become distracted while reading a text, to cause an accident of devastation. Even still, there is a small percent of drivers who use their phone while driving on a regular basis. Sadly, being so attached to this gadget may not only change the life of the driver for the worse, but an innocent person on the road as well.

Here in this article, we have answered a few questions people may have about why exactly this handheld device is so hard to distance ourselves from, especially when operating an automobile.

What if someone wants to break their cell phone use habit, what can they do?

The fact that a person is aware of themselves and wants to break a potentially harmful habit when behind the wheel, shows they do not want to be responsible for the loss of their life, or someone else’s. A few tactics you can utilize to help yourself not reach for your phone when driving are listed as follows:

  1. Try to be less attached to your phone even when you are not driving. Spend an hour or more everyday disconnected from your phone. The average person checks their cellphone about fifty or more times per day, and they may often do so just as an automatic response.
  2. If you are in the middle of a conversation via text, email or phone call, let the person know you are about to drive and will reach back out once you have arrived at your destination. This person will probably respond with much appreciation that you decided to not drive distractedly.
  3. Keep your cell phone in the glove compartment locked away, and on silent or off. Even leaving your phone on buzz could distract you if you hear something vibrating in the glove box. It is best to just turn your phone off completely.

What is it about driving while using a cell phone that makes it common?

Nowadays, cell phones offer us most of what we need only within an arm’s reach. We use our cell phone as means of information, getting directions, tv shows, music, ordering food, paying our bills and more. When so much of what we need is within this little technology gadget, it makes sense that we have a hard time parting without it for a period of time.

What should I do if a driver hits me because they were on their cell phone?

You can consider seeking help from a personal injury lawyer Minneapolis residents count on about the accident, especially if you suffered substantial injuries and losses. Many people may turn to legal action in order to seek compensation for medical bills, vehicle repair costs, diagnostics, treatments, prescription medication and loss of pay due to missing work for recovery.



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