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Top Nursing Home Lawyer Bethesda MD

Top Nursing Home Lawyer Bethesda MDIf you or a loved one have been neglected in a nursing home or assisted care facility, call a top nursing home lawyer Bethesda MD has to offer to explore your legal options. Unfortunately, many nursing homes are understaffed which can lead to neglect of patients causing a number of medical and mental health concerns.

Common Issues from understaffing are:

  • Bed sores;
  • Falling and other accidents;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Loneliness; and
  • Dehydration.

If you or loved one have experienced any of these issues you may want to speak to a top nursing home lawyer Bethesda MD is a home to in order to seek the compensation you may deserve. Nursing home neglect is a very complex category of law and requires experience. The lawyers from Brown Kiely LLP are veteran litigators with experience in nursing home injury and neglect cases. We have over 25 years of experience that has taught us the best ways to fight and win your case.

Pursuing Legal Action

If you believe your loved one has been neglected in any way, you should document the neglect and immediately seek a top nursing home lawyer Bethesda MD relies on to protect their family members. Not only can an attorney help to decipher whether or not you have a case, but also advice the next steps you need to take in gathering evidence.


When you speak to your lawyer you may need to gather detailed documentation for your top nursing home lawyer Bethesda MD to analyze and use to strategize your case. This can include pictures and written documentation of injuries, any paperwork and contracts you have signed with the nursing home, and any other reports of neglect against the nursing home that you can find. When looking for specific signs of neglect some common ones may be:

  • Signs of rapid deterioration from overmedication;
  • Bruises or cuts from rough handling;
  • Weight loss from malnutrition or dehydration; and
  • Development of bedsores or pressure ulcers from lack of supervision and movement.

You should speak to all levels of staff about any concerns you may have to gain testimonies concerning potential neglect. Often times, staff members may report any neglect they witness by another staff member to a concerned family member if they are asked. As a Bethesda nursing home lawyer can tell you, these testimonies may be helpful when taking your case to court.

If you have seen signs of neglect of your loved one you should not turn a blind eye. The horrible truth is that nursing home neglect happens all the time and your loved one deserves justice for their neglect and any harm to their health.

A top nursing home lawyer in Bethesda MD can help to evaluate your evidence and circumstances to help strategize a case specific to your needs and goals. With lawyers who are highly experienced, we passionately work with you to get you the compensation you may deserve. Call a top nursing home lawyer Bethesda MD today to seek justice for your loved one at 301-718-4548.