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What Are Common Signs of Sex Discrimination? 

/05 Feb 2022
/By admin

Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Sex Discrimination LawyerWhen you are being discriminated against because of your sex or gender at work, you have a right to report it. You should not be treated differently based on your sex or gender. Fortunately, you do not have to tolerate this behavior being directed to you. Anyone who is experiencing sex discrimination can speak up. As a sex discrimination lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg can tell you, there are laws that protect against this type of behavior. Some of the following scenarios can all be classified as sex discrimination. 

More Severe Discipline 

Making mistakes at work every now and then is common, but when a person is disciplined more harshly compared to their coworkers of a different gender, then it may be a case of sex discrimination. A person should be treated fairly and not be subjected to harsher punishments due to their sex or gender. An example of this is when a male worker gets punished for making a simple mistake, while their female counterpart who makes the same mistake does not get written up. 

Being Denied a Promotion

A common sign of sex discrimination that many people are familiar with is when a person gets denied a promotion because of their sex or gender. For example, this can happen when two male and female workers have the same job description and qualifications, but only the male worker advances to senior job titles, while the female worker is continuously overlooked. If you are denied a promotion purely on the basis of your sex, it may be a sign that there is gender discrimination in your workplace.  

Questions About Pregnancy 

If an employer asks you questions related to pregnancy or motherhood, it is not an appropriate conversation. Female workers should not be asked questions about private matters such as if or when they are planning to have kids. Sometimes employers do this because they are concerned that motherhood may negatively impact a female worker’s productivity. Employers often make judgments about a female worker’s capacity to do well in their job if they are having kids. 

Discrimination at work is not always obvious, and it can be difficult to know if what you experienced is classified as sex discrimination. If you are concerned that sex or gender discrimination is going on in your workplace, you have the right to file a complain and explore your legal options. You may be concerned about reporting the incident and having people find out about what occurred. However, a trusted lawyer can be there to support you and be your strongest advocate.