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Get Out Of A Toxic Work Environment

/12 Jul 2022
/By admin

In early 2022, five employees from the metropolitan police department in Washington, D.C. filed a lawsuit against the city, citing a toxic work environment. This is a rare case in that everyone in the department appears to be on the same page, citing a hostile workplace; these are past and present employees coming together, alleging sexual harassment and race discrimination. Complaints were made to the head of the department, who seems to have swept these issues under the rug. This case is actually one of four, all alleging the same thing. It does not look good for the police department as the head of the department actually has several citations against him already, none of which were ever acted upon previously.

A toxic workplace is far more common than you might realize, and if you are facing some sort of discrimination, then it’s time to contact a lawyer.

How A Lawyer Can Help

A lawyer can help you file litigation against a discriminatory workplace, but the exact type of attorney that you need will depend on the nature of your claim. If you are claiming discrimination based on disability, race, religion, color, national origin or age, then a civil rights lawyer may be more appropriate. They can also represent anyone alleging retaliation for complaints about illegal harassment or other violations of law in connection with employment matters. It is also helpful to have an employment lawyer if any of these issues relate to your company and not just your own experience. You should find someone who has experience with discrimination cases related to your work and whether they’re federal or state claims too.

What You Need

To make a litigation case, you need to file a law suit with the court, which can take anywhere from six months to three years. You will need to present your arguments with specific proofs and information. The litigation process is long and strenuous and you may incur significant costs due to legal expenses and other financial obligations as a result of your effort.

However, with the right attorney by your side, a long, drawn out case can be avoided. A lawyer will be by your side to guide you so that you know what paperwork and evidence is needed, what kind of case you have, and to answer any questions that come up along the way.

Prepare For Settlement Or Litigation

The first step to getting out of a toxic work environment is figuring out if you need to take legal action. If you have been the victim of harassment and/or discrimination, then it’s in your best interest to talk with an attorney and make sure that what’s happening is legal. If not, the next step is figuring out what you are willing to do about it. There are two main types of remedies: settlement and litigation. Settlement agreements can be made voluntarily by both parties when the wrongdoer agrees to cease the unlawful conduct or pay damages for past incidents. Litigation is court-mandated, meaning someone has to file a complaint and fight for compensation or other benefits. The decision process usually depends on what type of financial loss there was from the misconduct. If there was economic harm as well as emotional distress caused by the actions, it might be time to get out of that toxic work environment. This doesn’t mean you should just walk away from your job without taking any steps first! Talk with an employment lawyer before deciding on anything rash.

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