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Lyft Accident Attorney

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/19 Jul 2022
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Lyft accidents are an unfortunate incident, but there is legal help available if you have been in one and want to know how to recover your losses. Rideshare accidents make up a small percentage of personal injury accidents, but they are becoming increasingly common. Companies like Lyft and Uber have reported a 3% increase in fatal accident cases. There is help available if you have suffered injuries after a rideshare accident. After an accident, make an appointment with a lawyer right away so that you can discuss your options for how to file the claim. Be sure to discuss the following topics during your consultation. 

Account of the Accident 

When you have the consultation with a lawyer, you will discuss the details of the accident. The lawyer will ask you to describe what you saw, how the accident occurred, and who was involved. Be sure everything you are providing to the lawyer is accurate, otherwise it can prevent them from assessing your case correctly. If you have any documents, records or photos available that can help the Lyft lawyer understand your case better, you can show them to the lawyer as well. 

Driver Information

After the accident, you should have obtained essential information such as contact information,  their insurance information, and anything else that the lawyer should know. Let the lawyer know if you were not able to get the necessary contact information, or if you encountered other issues, such as if the driver did not want to cooperate with you. 

Evidence You Obtained

You should have obtained evidence such as videos or video recordings of the accident scene, such as photos of your vehicle and other vehicles involved, photos of the pavement, and other damage. Other important pieces of evidence that is helpful to have are medical records of your accident injuries and the police report. Present anything you have, even if you are not sure if they could be useful, and the lawyer will review them. They will select the most relevant pieces of evidence to support your Lyft accident case. 

Insurance Information

Don’t forget to contact Lyft as well to report the accident so that they are aware it happened, and can inform of next steps to take. As lyft accident lawyer to provide excellence in legal service, can tell you, you can also ask the rideshare driver if you need help with the actions to take for your accident report. 

People who use rideshare services like Lyft deserve to recover compensation if they have been in an accident through no fault of their own. If you have recently been in a Lyft accident, act now before time runs out. You should not have to pay for costly expenses if you are an innocent personal injury victim. Seek legal assistance from a lawyer who has experience successfully representing clients who have been in rideshare accidents. A skilled lawyer who will fiercely fight to protect your rights. Request a consultation with a personal injury right away for more information.