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Nursing Home Lawyer, Maryland

Nursing Home Lawyer in Maryland

Nursing Home Lawyer, MarylandAs a Nursing Home Lawyer in Maryland from Brown Kiely, LLP knows, nursing home abuse has been on the rise for many years, and more people than before are becoming victims of mistreatment in their retirement years. There are many nursing homes who do offer quality of care for the residents, but families still must be aware and vigilant in case they need to intervene to protect their loved one from further incidents of abuse.

When a family has to place a senior relative in a nursing care facility, they often try to pick the best one possible based on what they can afford. Most people know that nursing home abuse occurs, but they just don’t imagine it happening to their loved one until they find themselves in that situation. 

Who is most likely to inflict abuse on a senior resident?

Doctors, nurses, care staff, other residents, and visitors may be perpetrators of nursing home abuse. Anyone who has access to the senior person’s room or common areas could inflict harm. Abusive behavior can entail unintentional or intentional acts that leave the victim with trauma, injury, or death. Incidents of abuse are commonly the result of poor training, lack of staff, and burnout. However, this is no excuse for harmful behavior against senior citizens, and you must call a Maryland Nursing Home Lawyer if you think it may be happening to your relative. 

What are signs that nursing home abuse is happening?

Abuse is defined as any kind of behavior that includes mental/emotional abuse, physical assault, sexual assault, or neglect. If you suspect this is happening to your loved one, it is imperative that you take action quickly with support from a reputable law firm, such as Brown Kiely, LLP.  Examples of common symptoms of nursing home mistreatment are listed as follows: 

  • Living in unkempt conditions
  • Withdrawn and not communicative
  • Refusing to be helped by specific staff member or doctor
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Bedsores
  • Infections
  • Fall injuries
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Isolating from family

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Nursing home abuse is pervasive, and if it happens once, it may occur again. It’s never too soon to make sure that your senior loved one isn’t being mistreated. If you aren’t sure whether you need to take action or not, we can assess the situation for you. Contact a Nursing Home Lawyer in MD from Brown Kiely, LLP immediately for guidance.